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Quick Summary of SAP Community Clubhouse Experiences Bangalore Edition

Two intensive days of Clubhouse activity are completed.  Although I’m usually a rather permanent fixture at the Business Process Expert Knowledge Table, I was able to sneak a visit to the Community Clubhouse Theater where I saw a really clever Mashup demonstration of Second Life Buyer portal linked to an SAP backend system.  Saw that others are using Linden dollars to create SAP schwag as well as in the demo.  For example: “the buyer avatar” was sporting an SAP T-shirt (guess the avatar liked Craig Haxster’s outfit in his SL SDN world).  This presentation was a demo jam session hosted the night before but it was great to have direct interaction with the jammers in the clubhouse (Yuvaraj Mani of Enterprise Horizons).  Thomas Jung and Michael Hill kicked off the day with “Composition on Rails: Scripting and Rails on SAP NetWeaver” and it seemed that Thomas really enjoyed the opportunity to give a more extensive presentation then the 6 minute limits of demo jam.  I was disappointed that he and his demo partner didn’t get more rousing applause but considering much of the audience was really new to scripting languages they really did a good service of knowledge awareness of Rails.

Yesterday our BPX activity began with a sneak preview of the BPM roadmap by the inimitable Ginger Gatling who never fails to attract a lively crowd.  Ginger’s roundtable discussion (table holds 10 people) was attended by over 50 (or at least I lost count at 50).  She described the way to a Business Process Platform and revisited a look at what we had code named: Galaxy.  Keep an eye out for The specified item was not found..

Anticipating more to come in the upcoming months from Thomas Volmering in the form of a blog series.

Wonderful clubhouse areas: SDN lounge, Wiki Profile stations, Clubhouse theater, BattleZone and of course coffee bar and the BPX knowledge table itself: wonderful logistical space, excellent sound system (surround sound).   There were some really excellent surprises at the BPX table.

We had some lively conversations around wiki usage, the corporate social responsibility initiatives and new space on the wiki, and also some critique and discussion of the new SDN UI.

Tata’s Karthikeyan Kalyanakumar presented an excellent overview called understanding ESOA.  Hopefully he will serialize his content and share it with our BPX community as a kind of newbie guide to the underpinnings of the Galaxy.

Of particular note was a sneak preview of the SCPM Supply Chain Performance Management development presented by Sijesh Manohar and a colleague Harsha.  We should be keeping an eye on these newcomers to the BPX arena and look to them for interesting contents around SCOR, KPIs and SCM. [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] gave some excellent presentations on CPM.  I would encourage folks to look at his blog contents which are well written and interesting.

When no one was watching, I sneaked over to the SDN Lounge and had a great deal of fun with Craig and Gali playing tennis and bowling (virtually of course).  I guess even grandmothers like games and the audience that managed to see us had a good laugh at my expense.

The dynamics here are amazing.  I hope to post a good number of photos later tonight.

For the first time ever, I’m actually a little sad that SAP TechEd ‘07 will end tomorrow.

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  • This is my first experience with SAP TechEd and SAP Community clubhouse. On the the first day 29th Nov 2007, my associate Dr T S Mohan of eAI San Technologies Bangalore and myself (Cyanaptix Technologies) met Merilyn Pratt just before the start of the sessions and were amazed at the enthusiasm she displayed in initiating us to the community. Thanks a lot.  
    • Very nice to hear such responses.  We look forward to carrying the clubhouse experience forward into 2008 with participation, conversation, knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer communication.  Be active and visible and keep the TechEd spirit going.