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My Unconference Session: Creating a Global Community at Oracle Open World

So SAP was at Oracle World and there was quite some fun to be had. And thank you Oracle for letting me host my Unconference Session Creating a Global Community


The family was in San   Francisco Sunday afternoon already and I used that opportunity to pick up my badge. Being there I thought I check out the booth too. 

I had Nina, my 18 month old daughter, in tow and the security guy wasn’t sure about the kid in the hall, but let me pass nevertheless into Moscone West. We walked around and I couldn’t find the booth, but Nina has a radar for arcade games already and we sat down at a car racing one, she sitting on my lab and turning the wheel. That’s when the security guy caught up with us. “I checked with the supervisor and the kid can’t be here while they are still building the exhibition. I am sorry, but you have to leave.”


Nina was already bored by the game, so we left. I had to smile thinking that I could now write a post titled: “SAP employee got kicked out from Oracle exhibition.” I guess that is how the rainbow press gets their headlines. Actually the security person was kind enough to tell me that the SAP booth was in Moscone South on the other side of Howard street that was closed already.

Howard Street Closed for Oracle World

Luckily the kids not allowed had not spread to Moscone South and we could briefly check out the SAP booth and Nina spun the wheel.

Nina spinning the Whieel at Oracle World

41K visitors is a lot of people and starting Monday there we were always busy. The pride of our booth was as some visitors said the coolest demo of the whole floor: The Wii-Hands in a 3d environment accessing SAP data and other goodies via Widgets. 

I was so glad that one of the developers SAP Mentor Dan McWeeney was there on Monday to show it and teach us, so that we were able to do it for the rest of the week.

It is an excellent showcase of Co-Innovation happening with SAP Labs and one of our customers.

It was great because it gave me the chance to sing up and held my own little session at the Unconfernce part of the Oracle World.


Oracle Unconference Board

As you can see I put my session on 3pm in Overlook III. I love the board, I always get in an argument with my colleagues that our Community Day board needs to look a bit more professional so we print the grid at least and have velcro papers for the sessions.

Now Developing a Global Community Culture is something that is own my mind a lot, especially today when I am already in Bangalore and preparing our Community Day there. How can you create a passionate community that is inclusive to different cultures and works to the strength of these differences? 

Reality is of course that that theme is very specific. I am convinced that most companies and their IT departments will be tasked to create communities around their products and services very soon. This is why I think mybloglog is a very smart program, because they will be there with a ready made community when people will get tasked to create one from scratch.

Wih half a day of notice and all this other programs going on, I wasn’t expecting a lot of people. But with the ones that came we had a really interesting discussion. 

Don’t take my word for it, here is a comment from Marius Ciortea on Jack’s Oracle Apps Lab blog

It was sad that nobody other then Tim Bonnemann, Ralf Dossmann and myself (all Oracle employees) showed up for the unconference session with Mark Finnern. We had a great discussion on Global Communities and the cultural challenges in building this communities. Tim took some very good notes about the session.

Tim Bonnemann taking notes really made a big difference. I was able to add some additional information as well as links afterwards and we definately will use this tomorrow in our BOF session at the Community Day in Bangalore.

BOF Sign in Hotel stairway

Walking down the stairs today morning in my brand new Hotel just across the convention the above sign was hanging, still in plastic wrap. It looks like our Indian members may understand the BOF session concept better than in other places.  

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