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Google Search in SDN??

I have been using Google to search information in SAP websites. For example: To search for “UWL configuration for GP”, I enter “UWL Configuration for GP”.

Though SDN search brings all the results, Google search is faster due to their advanced indexing and caching mechanism. (I do not think any one would dispute that). I put the search term”UWL Configuration for GP” in SDN, and it took 15-16 seconds to display the results. (This could vary based on your location, connectivity and speed of your internet connection). But Google took 5 seconds to search and display the results.

So why not take advantage of Google search in SDN by providing another option to search using Google? .Google provides “Google AJAX Search API” to enable search websites . The only key difference is that Google search does not bring results from SAP Notes.

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  • The idea is cool and one may wonder how come we missed such an option for so long. But the question is the whether the algos tat have proven themselves over web be suitable for the SDN as PageRank and other means to rank page relevance have link as a primary means and SDN ( i beleive ) has a different architecture.
    I am too naive to comment but gurus do comment on this…i dunno if this makes sense..


  • I think this can easily be achived by using standard Google functions.

    You can search SDN using google by adding the text This will bring results that belong only to that website. 

    For instance, in your particular search ”UWL Configuration for GP” you can use:

    ”UWL Configuration for GP”

    This will include search results from,, (although I don’t know whether with this new design of SDN this will be the case, and this is why I was not that keen on this change).

    Hope this helps.