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Creating a portal dynamic system resolution service

A while ago, Daniel Wroblewski posted a blog about using the portal dynamic resolution service. It can be seen here  (New in Portal SP11: Dynamic System Resolution). Following is an example to support multiple backend SRM systems.  First we need to make some folders in the PCD to hold the system definitions. Here is an example:imageThe important thing is the ID – this is case sensitive. Now we can make some systems in this folder. Here’s an example:imageOnce again, the ID is important. In this case we make the first system sap_srm1, the second one sap_srm2 etc. You will probably use “SAP System with dedicated application server” or “SAP system with load balancing”. Enter connector, ITS and WAS values as normal.imageimage
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    • Hi John

      The documentation mentions that for user mapping you need to set up aliases. I left that step out to show that it isn’t necessary in most cases where SSO tickets are in use. The user mapping needs to be done for the aliases attached to each system (sap_srm1, sap_srm2 etc)…


  • For the redirector to work it is necessary that there is not an existing system in the PCD that has the alias SAP_SRM. If there exists an SAP_SRM alias, then the redirector service will be ignored.