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SAP TechEd 2007, Bangalore – My Agenda

The hot thing in Enterprise Applications domain is “eSOA”. It’s no wonder that I have chosen a lot of sessions with this topic.

I should also mention that what you see below is “my” expectations from the sessions and not necessarily the actual content of the sessions –

1. LCM109 SOA Monitoring with SAP and AmberPoint 
Alexander Bundschuh – SAP Asia and Christoph Nake – SAP AG
Governing Enterprise SOA applications is important as well as challenging because of the dynamic nature of the components. AmberPoint is the leading provider of SOA runtime governance software and this session will explain how this has been integrated into the SAP NetWeaver platform. The session seems to have a demo as well.

2. EPI215 Real-Time Offer Management for SAP CRM
Pavithra N – SAP Labs India
Making the right offers to the right customers at the right time is important in maintaining good customer relations. This session will explain how real-time offer management has been integrated into the SAP CRM Integration Center.

3. UP120 Bringing the Enterprise to the Information Worker: Featuring Duet Success Stories
Assaf Yitzhak – SAP Australia and Sandeep Goel – Intelligroup
One of the main focus points of SAP is improving the end user experience by improving the user interface. This session will feature Duet and Adobe Interactive forms and also a customer’s experience on using Duet.

4. SOA102 Enterprise SOA with SAP NetWeaver
Marc Leu – SAP Japan
This session will give an overview of Enterprise SOA with SAP NetWeaver. It will also help us understand the key SOA entities. The topics for the session have been named as “What do we want to achieve?”, “How does it look like?” and “Where do we go?”.

5. CE301 Enterprise-Scale Analysis of Java Memory with Memory Analyzer
Elena Nayashkova – SAP AG and Patrick Wells – SAP America
One of the major issues facing Enterprise-scale Java applications is memory consumption. If memory getting allocated is more than the memory getting deallocated, we will run out of memory leading to a heap dump. This session will help us to efficiently analyse heap dumps to find memory problems.

6. UP109 SAP NetWeaver Portal Usage Reporting
JochenRundholz – SAP Asia, Oliver Nocon – SAP AG and John Polus – SAP Labs LLC
Usage reporting helps us to know who is knowing what content and identify the most frequently used content. This in turn will help us concentrate on features which are widely used and optimize the portal based on this information. This session will introduce us to two solutions used with SAP NetWeaver Portal – Portal Activity Reporting and Activity Data Collector.

7. UP122 Duet for Microsoft Office and SAP: Technical and Architectural Overview
Raghunandan S – SAP and Ankur Goyal – SAP
This session will explain the basci architecture of Duet and the different landscapes – simple and production – possible with Duet.

8. CE207 Real-World Examples and Experiences of Composite Applications
Oleg Figlin – SAP UK, RuedigerKarl – SAP AG and ItaiSadan – SAP America
This session will help us what Composite Applications are all about. We will also be able to understand how to solve customer business problems with composite applications and also give some real-world customer composite applications. It also explains the design principles and development process of composite applications.

9. SOA112 Enterprise Services Use Cases
Wolfgang Schaper – SAP AG
This session focuses on some use cases for Enterprise Services. This session covers the architecture, the technical pre-requisites of the solutions, and the business and technical benefits that the enterprise services bring to these enterprises and their clients

10. SOA113 Planning and Building an Enterprise SOA Vision
Rohit Shukla – HCL
This seems to be a session of “How to”s. It seems to explain the key facts which are required for successful implementation of enterprise SOA – how to build a team, how to define a roadmap, how to measure results and so on.

11. EPI108 Modeling Business Processes in an Enterprise SOA Landscape – Getting it Right and the Role of a BPX
Arun Varadarajan – Intelligroup Inc
This Business Process Expert Community session focuses on the role of a BPX as an enabler in achieving process compliance and helps us explore best practices of creating a business process model and how the concept of enterprise SOA fits in with the process modeling scenario.

12. SOA224 Step-by-Step Building of Composite Applications in Adopting an Enterprise SOA – Architect’s Perspective
Siva Rama Prasad – Fujitsu Consulting India Limited
This session discusses options and techniques for building various layers of a composite application and focusses on the architect’s perspective of approaching composite applications.

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