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Annual End of the year “Points” Blow Out!

Well it’s about that time again, the end of the calendar year is approaching, TechEd’s are almost complete and many will start preparing for holidays and this all means that it’s time for my annual “POINTS BLOW OUT”

Now the rules are simple:

  • Eligble: EVERYONE 
  • Deadline: December 31, 2007 at 23:59 Pacific Standard Time (California Time). 
  • Submissions: TV channel episode
  • Min 3 mins, Max 10 mins
  • * USE OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IS NOT ALLOWED (unless it’s your own material)

So of course where it gets a bit complicated is because you can’t have something bigger than 50MB.

So what will you get for participating and submitting something? Well here you go…

  • All appropriate submissions: 150 points

Now come the contest deadline, we will review all submissions once again and pick the 3 best ones

  • 3rd place 100 points
  • 2nd place 200 points
  • 1st place 300 points

So what is it that each of you have to do? Well it’s simple really you have to share your review – “a year in the Community” from TechEd to TechEd so to speak a visual review (be a video, slideshows, cartoon, etc.) your interpretation of the year. Key thing to remember is that this is a visual contest and must be animated in some way.

The winners of course will be put on display the following year the at the SDN Lounge as well as the Community Theatre!

In fact this year at the SDN Lounge in Bangalore I’ll showcase any of the current accepted submissions for all the visitors, your chance to show your stuff!

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  • Just awesome Craig,

    The SDN tv is one of the most underutilized feature of SDN. Hope more and more get inspired to use it to communicate to us 🙂

    As for me I’ll be armed with my mobile camera as usual and plan to do my interviews and shows, so people just watch out 🙂