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Reference Applications for SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1

What it is all about ..

There are two SAP NetWeaver CE reference applications:

  • extended Education Data Model (xEDM)
  • Customer Service Care (CSC).

This two Reference Applications provide a wide overview about the capabilities of SAP Netweaver CE covering nearly all aspects of a typical Composite Application. 

The first scenario shows how to design a composite process on top of Java EE application, while the second scenario demonstrates the end-to-end development of a composite application from scratch. It reuses back-end services and data, at the same time adding its own business logic to flexibly implement a specific business process. The application shows how you can easily enhance the collaborative workflow by adding offline form-based steps and involving additional contributors.  


CSC process at a glance:

CSC Process Picture













In the provided documentation you can find a basic overview of the scenarios and instructions how to configure and run the applications.

So go ahead and try it out .. download the sources and import them in the designtime or directly deploy the application on the composition runtime.

Both are ready to run on SAP NetWeaver CE7.1 SR3 (Note: For running the mail/pdf step of CSC you have to install the Adobe Document Services)

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