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Knowing Technical Requirements in xMII implementation

Gathering technical requirement is a crucial process in any software implementation and xMII is no exception. So one has to be clear on the focus areas for technical requirements in xMII implementation.


Server Requirements: 



This can be found in the SAP xMII installation Guide


Network Requirements: 



While making the list of technical requirements, One need to take care of following points(well I don’t know about others… I would look for following things in client network ;-))

Whether the network used for client’s MES is broad enough for the requirements they need. Again it depends on the:

  • amount of data that they need in our xAPPs and
  • the level of synchronization they need

I mean if they need data in realtime(which means higher refresh rates for applets and will eventually increase the system requirements, but I’ll be discussing it in the next section).


Client Machine Requirements:


This is the requirement for the machine where someone want to access our xAPP. It might be the operator’s machine, supervisor’s machine or the manager’s machine .

So, again depending on the reuirements of the individual user, one need to specify the technical requirements of the machine.An operator might want to see everything in realtime as it is very critical for his job.  Whereas his supervisor might want to care about takiing deciscions and manager might want only the statistical data from historian and a drill down approach.

 So here is a sample requirement for PC













Processor :



Faster than 1.8 GHZ






–  256- 512 MB RAM(Low refresh rates)


– 512-   1.5 GB RAM(Higher refresh rates for applets)



























–           JRE ver 1.5_11(JVM)


–           Flash Player 8 or higher


–           Adobe PDF reader (for reading pdf  reports)






–           Internet Explorer 6 or higher.


–           Firefox 1.5 or higher






Windows XP




Personally I feel that broadly focussing on these areas will be enough for an xMII implementation. 

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  • There’s a lot more to architecting an xMII solution than this…

    Use of a cluster
    Federated/distributed xMIIs
    Location and type of connectors/UDS’s
    Configuration of security server(s)

    …and much, much more…

    • Hi Rick,
              Thanks for reading my blog :).
      Here I tried to focus broadly on the technical requirements.
      It is first in the series of the technical requirements.