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Updated: Where and When: April 11, 2008. 18:30-23:00. Librería Crack-Up. Costa Rica 4767. Barrio de Palermo. Buenos Aires.

I was this year in SAP Community Day in Las Vegas, an incredible time to share with other community members about our experiences using and implementing SAP technologies. I made a wiki page to begin preparation for a SAP Community Day next year in Buenos Aires. You can also participate in SAP Community Day London – April 2008.

You are invited to come, you are invited to expose, you are invited to participate, you are invited to invite your colleague.

John F. Kennedy quote presented in SAP Community Day Las Vegas: “Ask not what the community can do for you – ask what you can do for your community”.

buenos aires, fev. 2007
Thanks to distant_camera by picture


I see my colleagues in London planning a SAP Community Day in April 2008, If we sincronize the day maybe We can make a “SAP Community Day London and Buenos Aires April 2008” 🙂

SAP Community Day London – April 2008
SAP Community Day London – April 2008 (Wiki page)

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  1. Darren Hague
    Ignacio – I like this. It looks like 2008 will be the year the community started to have a life of its own, after the great start from the guys here.
    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Darren, I always have to thanks to all Community Team (Marilyn, Craig, Mark F, Mark Y, Gali…) and Mentors and Contributors (Thomas, David, Eddy, Alvaro…) for inspiration and support.
  2. Former Member
    Ignacio! I can’t believe it! You have done it man! Big congratulations! Thanks to you 2008 it’s going to be a blast year! Will anything I can to be there -;) (My son/daugther is schedule to born on late April)…

    Even if I couldn’t make it, you got my full support as always -:D

    Long life to the Community!!!

    P.S: Must blog about this in my personal blog -:D



  3. Former Member
    … I am currently finishing university hence am quite busy these days, but as soon as I am done will prepare a session on WD Java, widget or web 2.0 collaborative tools for Community Day B.A.

    Keep up the good job!!
    Best Regards.


  4. Luis Felipe Lanz
    Hola Ignacio

    Recently we did a BoF in Madrid and the result was fantastic !! so i’m so sure the Community Day in Argentina will be a sucess.

    Buena Suerte y Saludos,


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