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Visibility of the SDN Information Sources on MDM

Finding basic information on specific SAP NetWeaver capabilities is not difficult on SDN. And now that the SDN Community pages for SAP NetWeaver capabilities have been re-arranged, it is even more convenient to get to the relevant topics. Nonetheless, it is not seldom that forum threads appear in which requesters are asking the obvious. Let’s take the MDM forum as an example: Every now and then, new – and redundant – threads emerge in which requesters ask where to find basic information, such as “What is MDM?”, or “Where do I find info on MDM?” – although the info sources are directly at hand, or could be obtained with a flick of the wrist:

Sure, the emergence of such threads shows that there is a big interest in a specific topic, but why is it that the information requesters fail to take the time and browse the most predominant info sources (for example, the capability homepage) first?

Therefore, my intention is simply to encourage all topic newcomers again to take the time and look at the capability/topic-related SDN content before asking the obvious.

As far as MDM is concerned, you just need to select the Information Management > Master Data Management section in the navigation tree. From this page, you can switch to the relevant subtopics and related areas with plenty of information.

So again, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to be patronizing, nor do I intend to actively control the forum threads. And although I do by no means allege that information requesters might have dishonest motives, I’d simply like to avoid that the forum(s) get swamped with redundant threads that are all asking the obvious, and that there might evolve a method of undue points assignment. (easy points for obvious questions). In a case when a new thread is introduced with a statement like “I have browsed the capability XXX homepage, but still do not know exactly …..” it is obvious that the SDN Community feels responsive. 

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