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SAP Mentor Program

There is just too many things going on around here. I only now find the time to announce our new SAP Mentor Program that I am very excited about.  It is a program to find and promote the best active SAP experts in the whole SAP world. Giving them direct and early access to information and SAP employees as well as helping them to spread their knowledge within their network. Use their passion and knowledge to improve SAP products and processes.  At the Community Days which I am very proud where driven by many of the SAP Mentors we showed the following slide that illustrates their importance:




The SAP Mentors are the core of what makes our community happening. Through their contributions, ideas and passion they are driving the community forward.  Did you realize, that all but one video question asked at the TechEd keynotes in Las Vegas and Munich were posted by SAP Mentors? Here is Richard Hirsch and Michal Krawczyk on the big screen:


What are the traits of an SAP Mentor?

  • Hands-On Expert in an SAP Product or Service
  • Collaborative attitude
  • Good Communicator
  • Preferably working at a Partner or Customer of SAP
  • Interested in Improving product and services of SAP and the relationship of  SAP with customers, partners and prospects

Three recent examples where that show what our SAP Mentors are capable. After they had a great time at our Community Days first Ignacio Hernández for Argentina, then Nigel James in London and now Blag in Peru all have started to organize their own Community Days.

Craig and I were sitting together at the last day of the Munich TechEd planning Bangalore Community Day and we thought, it would be great to have some more Mentors in Bangalore too. We thought, may be Gregor would like to come. We asked, he checked his calendar and made some phone-calls and was game. We really happy to have him there end of this month.



Similar the Community Team got approached to have a booth at Oracle World and we thought it would be great to show the Wii-Hands there. I asked Dan McWeeney and it turned out it was his last week (turns out he will be back after Thanksgiving) here in Palo Alto (Guess his crime was more severe than Ed’s, so he had to stay longer 😉 Yeah right, staying longer in the warm California sun) Dan checked with a couple of people and spend one full day at the booth this week and taught us, so we were able to do it the rest of the week.


Dan in action having the Wii-Hands up. Sorry for the murky cell phone picture.

You have to admit these are all things that make our SDN and BPX land so special.  In the wiki we have a simple page listing all SAP Mentors their location and area of expertise. Some more information regarding the program  you can find at the SAP Mentor Program FAQs.

Oh and before I forget, in our forums and in the Business Card we have now a little Mentor icon  SAP Mentor Icon next to their name.

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  • Mark:  Thank you for the honor of inviting me.  I carry the bag with pride, and have updated my blog bio to show my participation in the Mentor program.
  • I am working from 80’s as programmer and in activities related to IT. I worked near profesionals from a lot of companies and I can say SAP human and profesional quality is first level around world, even from companies in SAP ecosystem, other partners, competition, I found a quality of respect unique.
  • Mark:

    You know that I was waiting for this blog -:) It’s so cool to read about the SAP Mentor Program…Let’s make it bigger and bigger -;)



  • Mark –

    This comment in your follow-on email makes a lot of sense to me:

    “These are places where you can be more frank in pointing out things that need our attention and improvement. This may be regarding SDN and BPX, but also regarding our products. The main reason why all SAP Employees have access to these areas too, so that they can be part of the discussion or easily pulled into it. “

    In fact, it’s one good reason why everyone should strive to become a mentor, if they care about improving SAP products and the way they’re used by SAP clients.

    Best regards

  • This is really a great reward to all Contributors.

    I am felling like we all are working together across the Globe and this celebration time for all.
    A big Thanks to SDN team 🙂

  • Mark,

    The idea is brilliant. Can we also have mentors for new products, where most of us struggle to find information. For example SAP CPS. That way it will help SAP clients to implement and integrate new SAP products in their portfolio easily.

    – Bhushan

  • Mark,

    The current listing is predominantly technical orieted (as is much of SDN).  Are there plans to expand this to other functional areas such as ERP Financials?


  • Hi, It would be great if  there would be mentors available on the Functional side and for me more importantly for Banking Services. Is there a plan for this?
    Thanks to the Mentors for the effort!