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TechEd Bangalore and the BPX community, ESOA session 105 continued

TechEd Bangalore is just around the corner and I want to invite our BPX members from India and surrounding countries to join.  We are in final preparation mode I continue to be excited about this TechEd season. I get to meet all of our BPX top contributors, aspiring BPX members, and get to see the BPX India community “live” in action at the community day and clubhouse. I am looking forward to meeting you all.

So what is coming for BPXers at TechEd Bangalore….

We will we have community day on November 27th… Some of our community evangelists have already blogged about it  like Craig Community Day and why does Bangalore not want one? 

For a while we were a bit uncertain about community day, but now we know it really is going to happen. I am looking forward to meet all those top Community Network contributors.


During three days of TechEd

Well there will be tons of excitement we will have a brand new Clubhouse:  We will have activities at the BPX table, mini-theater, a Our BPX knowledge table at the Clubhouse: We will really try to inspire everyone to network and to create enthusiasm and active future contribution. Last but not least if something results from the activity at the table you will get those extra points for content contribution.

There will be 100+ BPX sessions: There will be a special guide to BPXers inside the bag you will get when you register. One of the sessions will held by me together with Capgemini’s RAIN head in the USA: Puneet Suppal: eSOA 105

How To Transform from an IT, Application, or Business Consultant to a Business Process Expert

During this session, we will answer these questions:

  • Who is a Business Process Expert?
  • What is the potential role of Business Process Experts in an organization?
  • Why are we building a community around this set of roles?
  • What are the advantages of becoming a Business Process Expert?
  • for more information

We already held the session in Las Vegas and will dig a bit deeper into the material in Bangalore… it will nonetheless be a good conversation starter. Here is the free webinar already available for you.

Last but not least we will launch two new content areas for the Automotive industry and the Aerospace and Defense, continuing to build out our industry landscape. Also be on the lookout for a new Corporate Social Responsibility area on the BPX community that should draw some really interesting conversation starters.

I am looking forward to see everyone at TechEd Bangalore and drop me a note if you want to meet and greet!


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  • Interestingly I have the SOA 105 pdf open in another session and then saw your blog. Would definitely like to catch up on Community. While I have been watching from the sides all the BPX action and reading up on SOA, it would be surely be the right time to jump into the first steps of being a BPXer.
    Somnath Manna