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Power of Collective Streaming…

Lifestreaming is a big topic these days, for me though it’s often times “noise” and noise I don’t need or want. I decided to do something about it, and with Bangalore approaching I want to share it with everyone here so that you have a chance to take part and to consume as well.

I created an application called “@eventtrack” the other week that has been in heavy use during the Oracle Open World, yep you heard it Oracle Open World attendees are currently using it. The system is simple and by Bangalore I hope to have the next integration added into as well. Right now it’s based on Twitter – meaning if you have a Twitter account you can take part. Twitter is often referred to as micro-blogging. 



Lifestreaming is where you go in and connect all the varies dots, your blog, your various social networking sites, etc. After connecting them you basically unleash a massive centralized stream of what you are doing in your life. For me that is just way too much information and when I am attending events it’s often too difficult to follow everyone or see what might be important at the time which of course is the event itself. My little service solves that or at least I think it does 😉

The idea is you tell it when to follow you and when not to – when you do it and everyone else does it then what you end up with is a collective stream of thought for a specific event.

So with Bangalore almost here if you use Twitter (I’ll update everyone when the next area is integrated) then follow these simple steps and you will be set to go.

  1. Follow the user eventtrack
  2. At the start of TechEd say around the 26th of November send a tweet “@eventtrack start*sapteched07”
  3. Start twittering like normal, everything you Twitter from now on will go into the system
  4. On the 1st you can send a tweet “@eventtrack stop*sapteched07”
  5. Now the system will no longer pay attention to you

Simple and easy and for those of you not attending or those that are you’ll be able to follow the collective conversation via this URL.

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