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Data Governance community meeting report

The ASUG Data Governance (DG) Special Interest Group (SIG) held their annual Year-Round Community (YRC) Meeting October 22 – October 24 at Kimberly-Clark Corporation in Neenah,  Wisconsin (US). The 2 ½ day meeting was well attended with over 180 registrants, including representation from over 70 SAP customers, SAP and its partners. This is a 40% increase from last year.

One of the focal points this year was to address more effectively the DG SIGs Hot Topics. On Tuesday afternoon, a full session was devoted to the following seven Hot Topics. Attendees had an opportunity to be an active part of forming a solid report out to the general session later in the afternoon. These Hot Topics will continue to be discussed and the SIG is actively engaging next steps on several of these through various channels — including future webcasts and as session topics at ASUG/Sapphire 2008. So look for more to come.

Hot Topics discussion

























Hot   Topic



Overview   (O) of Breakout   Discussion and (R) Report Out



Measuring the Success of a Data Governance Program



O:   Outline, possible approaches, company examples and industry best practices;   facilitated brainstorming discussion to build up from DQ measurements to data   metrics to business metrics; result: DG balanced scorecard.



R: What   and how to measure, starting with sample data quality measurements and   rolling up to business metrics, and potentially, a DG balanced scorecard.



Top Three Challenges in Implementing Data Governance



O:   Customer discussion and exercise on top Data Governance challenges.  Define and derive methods to overcome these   challenges.



R:  Consensus on top three challenges and   approach.



Global Data Synchronization (GDS) and Data Accuracy



O: An   overview and update of current activities and initiatives within the Global   Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) including Data Accuracy and an overview   of the SAP MDM-GDS Solution and Roadmap.



R:   Highlights of activities within the GDSN and the SAP MDM-GDS Solution.



Metadata: Understanding How to Maximize its Value



O: What is   the “Focus of Metadata” and a discussion on how to maximize the   business value of Metadata.



R:   Definition of Metadata; What needs to be accomplished to get value; How to   proceed or begin this process.



Data Quality: KPI’s, Top Issues and Benchmarking



O: Topic   overview & approach agreement to DQ focus; Relating KPI’s to “xyz”;   Approach to Metrics; Benchmarking exercise.



R:   Highlights from Discussion and Next Steps.



Third Party Data Quality Solution: Choosing one that’s right for you



O: What   factors influenced (or would influence) your selection of a 3rd  party data quality tool? Do you have any good (or not-so-good) experiences to   share?



R: Summary   of what companies look for in a DQ tool, any conclusions reached by the   participants.



Data Cleansing & Enrichment: Do-It-Yourself or Tools or Services



O: Assessing   the quality of your data is the first step to then determining whether to   Do-It-Yourself, Tools or Services.



R: Tasks   & Strategy of Data Cleansing and Deliverables.



Carolyn Pickton, SIG Chair / Lorraine Wedow, SIG Program Chair


[a version of this article appears in the November 2007 Americas SAP Users Group (ASUG) Business Integration Technology & Infrastructure (BITI) Community newsletter]

For more information about this community, visit the Data Governance SIG home page  on

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