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Bangalore, Hacker Night and Community Clubhouse

Questions have been floating around on whether it’s gonna happen or not and I’m happy to report, well some good news and some bad or perhaps all the way around good?

I reported in Community Day and why does Bangalore not want one? that Community Day was not being well received and now in Bangalore RIA Hacker Night I reported that “Hacker Night” was not being well received – therefore after long hours of discussing, scheming and working things out we’ve come up with the perfect solution!

During the Community Day in Bangalore (invites have been sent already) we’ve decided to change one of the tracks to “Adobe and SDN RIA Innovation” thus combining “Hacker Night” into Community Day!

Some might be a bit miffed that they are losing their “Hacker Night” but check this out, you are now receiving a full day of “RIA Innovation” that’s “Rich Internet Application Innovation” and that means more people can participate and experience things! So Adobe and SDN present – RIA Hacker Night for what those of you signed up for Hacker Night must do to ensure you have the invite for Community Day.

So what is this whole “RIA Innovation” thing? Why should you attend? Well for one thing you can take pride in saying “I was at the first one, the very first Adobe and SDN RIA Innovation track in Bangalore!” The idea is to share thoughts and ideas of bridging SAP technologies to RIA technologies such as Flex, Silverlight and of course very cool new things coming from Web Dynpro.

We are gonna have a few special guests so all in all a total turn around and better deal I think for the folks in Bangalore this time around!

I’m also still searching for the Jaegermeister, rumor has it that you can buy it in Bangalore so I’m willing to pay for a bottle if someone can find it!

And as usual I could not resist but give you a sneak peek at this years’ Community Clubhouse complete with SDN Lounge, BPX Knowledge Table, Cafe, Battlezone and Theatre.

We have some surprises this year including the ability to get your own Community Profile page “while you wait” so to speak, we’ll have community members Uri, Abesh and Gregor on site to help you out, chat with and discuss things as well as the ability to update your profile while in the SDN Lounge. 

We’ll also have the Community Quiz, Introduction to Widgets and Second Life going on as well so be sure to be there! 

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