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Shopping for Mobile Sales

More and more businesses are seeking to empower their mobile sales force with up-to-date business-critical data in the field. The days of jotting down sales orders on paper and looking through agendas to find appointments and contact information are behind us.


So what does SAP offer in terms of extending CRM processes to the mobile user? Well, there are three main options to consider: Mobile Sales for Handheld, Mobile Sales Online and Mobile Sales for Laptop. I frequently receive questions regarding the three different solutions; more specifically what are the key differences and which solution is right for a given user group.


In the first installment of my two-part blog, I have put together a simple table to highlight some of the main differences between the three solutions.



Mobile Sales Online

Mobile Sales Handheld

Mobile Sales Laptop

Technology/ Middleware

Mobile Web Dynpro (Java)

Mobile Infrastructure (JSP)

.Net Client / CRM MW


Online (needs connection)

Offline (sync on demand)

Offline (sync on demand)


BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Select Nokia devices, Windows Laptop

Windows Mobile Handheld, Windows Laptop

Windows Laptop

Local Data Store



SQL Server

Data Volume

Depends on connection speed and acceptable response time

Small – Medium




Activity Management


Sales Order View

Sales Contract View


Same as Online plus

Sales Order Create

Products View

Task Management


Service Order Create

Complaint Create

No Contracts

No Reports

All of the HH and Online plus

Account Planning

Campaigns and Trade Promotions

Shelf Management

Visit Planning and Route Optimization

Territory Management

Time and Travel integration

Administration Effort


Medium – High

Medium – High

Skills Needed

Application Expert (administration, functional)

CRM configuration

J2EE Expert (RFC, Jco, user management)

Java Developer (if enhancements are needed)

CRM ABAP developer (if enhancements are needed)

Application Expert (functional, technical)

CRM configuration

Mobile Infrastructure technical/functional consultant

Java Developer (if enhancements are needed)

CRM ABAP developer (if enhancements are needed)

Application Expert (administration, functional)

CRM Middleware developer

CRM Basis to manage Servers


















































So now that you are a more educated shopper, how can you choose which solution is right for your users? Stay tuned for the second part of my blog where I will provide some pointers on how to make the right choice.

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  • First of all great blog!!!
    I have been trying to figure out what to propose to a customer and your matrix really helped me..
    I am a newbie CRM consultant and a Java developer myself, so I need a bit of clarification:
    -Is Mobile Sales a different component of CRM that needs to be installed?
    -to run Mobile Sales we will need another server?(for the Mobile Engine)
    -Are there best practices for Mobile Sales??(So far i have not been able to find any)
    -On average (based on your experience) how long does it take to implement Mobile Sales standard SAP functionality?

    I am a bit in confusion, so any answer would really help me…

    Thank you in advance!!

      • Hi Ted and thank you for your answer!

        Actually the requirement my customer has is to Process Sales Orders offline from handhelds.
        As far as i have investigated this can not be preformed via Mobile Applications for CRM.
        To be honest i am still a bit confused concerning the differnces between MSA HH and CRM HH.
        I will look into Sybase Mobile Sales and what it covers.

        Once again thank you!!