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NetWeaver and API’s

My My latest rant on developing with SAP was a bit of a rant about a rant, now I want to take you a step closer to the some of the cool things you can do with the NetWeaver Platform.

I’ve done quite a bit work personally with 3 services out there and I’ve connected each of them to NetWeaver at some point or another.

Many of course will not “get” why one would do this or for what advantages might be gained but I’m sure you will. The idea is simple, services exist that your customers might use so why not be able to give them the best of both worlds what they have been using together with the power of their SAP NetWeaver platform and the vast amounts of data that they have contained within.

Imagine travel planning linked to Dopplr, or work logs linked to Twitter or the ability to share data with suppliers via Zoho without the need to export, import and merge changes.

To get you started and for you see how easy it is to connect – have a look,



That’s just the start. Twitter is one I presented this year at TechEd and yo can see it live in action here. 

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  • could use SAP xMII as the intermediary and create your app visually…and quickly create “meta services” that virtualize, simplify, aggregate, or contextualize back-end services to make them easier for a non-techie to consume…