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Mapping Experts Round the RoundTable – TechEd Munich ’07

As we prepare to journey to Bangalore and complete the last leg of the exciting world adventures of SAP TechEd ‘07, I’d like to share some of the round table experience we had in Munich when Gunther Stuhec spoke informally with participants about CCTS Warp 10.  It’s my first video attempt so please pardon the very shaky photo job. Craig provided assistance in transforming it into a file I could send to Jason Lax who is supporting us over in Israel.  A shout out to them both.  If you prefer audio explanations you can attempt to download the podcast from the previous Clubhouse in Vegas- Last Minute Musings Before TechEd Munich recorded in Las Vegas.

Best would be if we can get a conversation going here with Gunther.  Various members of our community are very interested in his work with Data Mapping.

The flyer for the Demo Jam read like this:

CCTS Modeler Warp 10, a Wiki approach, facilitates this by automatic consideration of all B2B standards and collaborative usage, modification and adoption of business data models considering business needs.

Warp 10 reduces significantly development and integration efforts of business-message and -data

models and their mappings to other B2B standards.

It considers:

Discovery and assembly business message and -data models on demand that may fit to the business needs of the contexts such as (industry), country, business process, and business roles

Context driven modification (deletion and extension) of business message and -data models on semantic level

Usage of natural language processing for describing additional business needs and automatic generation of extensions according international naming and design rules standard.

Generation of tailormade XML schema interfaces and implementation into NW

Semi automatic mapping of B2B standards and automatic reuse of the business content of these B2B standards

Automatic generation of transformation rules for conversion at runtime and implementation into NW.

CCTS Warp 10

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