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The Making of Virtual SAP TechEd ’07

I have to admit that growing up I never dreamed of being part of “Show Business”, but for the last few weeks I actually got a taste of what it means to be a Hollywood movie producer.

And not just one movie….over 150 movies!

OK, so I did not really get to choose the story, or the actors and we did not actually have a director – but boy, did we end up with great sessions….great content and great speakers!

Virtual SAP TechEd ’07 is an on-line version of SAP TechEd ’07 with more than 150 sessions available. If you couldn’t attend TechEd this year, or missed a session while you were there – this is your opportunity to access the latest information and stay ahead of business change.

So what does it take to create Virtual SAP TechEd? Those of you who attended TechEd Las Vegas this year probably noticed that we had cameras placed in quite a few rooms. These rooms were our “shooting locations” where we shot our “scenes”.

Everyday, we recorded over 40 sessions in these rooms. After each session was recorded, it was viewed by our team to insure that we captured all that was needed and to assure the quality of the recordings. Who ever said that “Show Business” is all about working day and night was right! Just imagine viewing more than 40 sessions a day.

After a very hectic week in Las Vegas, we returned home with the raw material of the recordings. These recordings were definitely the most valuable things on the plane, even more than diamonds…

We then edited the raw material of the recordings into an “eclass” format, combining the recorded session and the presentation slides into one file. After QA, all the sessions were uploaded to SDN/BPX, as a Subscriptions product that can be purchased.

And like any other good Hollywood movie, we also have a trailer for you – watch these 5 free sessions.

Now all that is left for you to do is sit back, relax and enjoy Virtual SAP TechEd ’07…  

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    • Hi Darren,

      Thanks for your interest.
      Sorry, but this year we only recorded sessions at SAP TechEd Las Vegas…

      Hope you are enjoying Virtual SAP TechEd ’07