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SAP NetWeaver Shows its Capabilities

More Content – New Structure

Product Information Migrates to SDN

SDN is now your single point of access to all SAP NetWeaver product information. We migrated content from the SAP Service Marketplace and consolidated it in the SDN library. Now SDN is your single point of access to the entire SAP NetWeaver knowledge base.

SAP Service Marketplace will continue to offer high-quality content including information on SAP business applications, software downloads, and the SAP Notes service. If you are already registered as a customer or partner on SDN, you have direct access to this information.

The new look of SDN features presentations, white papers, and e-learning tools on the latest SAP NetWeaver release. You can also get information on earlier releases, important contributions from the SAP community, and related topics from the forums, blogs or wiki.

Capabilities and Products

To accommodate the new content, we realigned the SAP NetWeaver navigation structure and we introduced new, emerging content areas that deal with Enterprise SOA and with the Business Process Platform. As much as possible, we tried to eliminate so-called “SAP-jargon” and to frame the navigation in common industry terms and categories.

Under the new structure, you can look at SAP NetWeaver either as a collection of capabilities or as a set of components.

Capability View
We all know that SAP NetWeaver is more than a stack of components; it’s greater than the sum of its parts. The capability view of SAP NetWeaver divides into seven new areas:  

  • User Productivity
  • Information Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Development and Composition
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Security and Identity Management
  • SOA Middleware

The new structure is task-oriented. Check out the User Productivity area to learn about UI technology, portal and collaboration, or search technology. Have a look at SOA Middleware for information on technical modeling and design, service bus, or SOA management.  Here is where you find out how you configure SAP NetWeaver components and related products to deliver solutions to business problems and increase operational efficiencies.

Product View

We’ve divided the SAP NetWeaver product area into three sub-areas: Main Releases, Complimentary Products, and a new area that covers SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment.

The new areas divide content into different product releases so you can focus on the release you are interested in. You can look at product availability matrixes, or drill-down into related help documentation, or How-To Guides. Here is where you can relate different products to the SAP NetWeaver capabilities that they support.

Have a look at the Complimentary Products area where you can learn about SAP NetWeaver, Process Integration, SAP NetWeaver BI Accelerator, SAP netWeaver Mobile, MaxDB, or other product areas of interest.

We know that it can be disturbing to be confronted with a new navigation structure, so we worked hard on this major remodel to make the structure as transparent and intuitive as possible. We simplified structures and worked on cleaning and normalizing metadata to bring you better search results.  We hope that you will soon get used to this new world of information and be able to quickly find all the content that you are looking for.


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