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Get your Wii Hand On at Oracle Open World

Yes you read right. We are going to have the Wii-Hands at the SAP Booth at Oracle World this week in San Fancisco. On Monday even SAP Mentor Dan McWeeney will attend to demo the Wiimotes used as Minority Report style  user interface into SAP and to talk about co-innovation with customers at SAP. Here is my try out at the Hacker’s Night during Las Vegas TechEd.

Enjoying the Wii-Hands at Hacker'ssnight

(Picture taken by the marvelous Marilyn Pratt)  

I once read that SAP customers are the biggest block of Oracle database buyers. Therefore Oracle has a booth at SAP TechEds and at the big Oracle Open World this week in San Francisco we have one too.

I am really looking forward to the event. There are 41K people expected and I want to see how you organize something like that. Apparently Howard street between the Moscone Center will be closed again. For people that don’t know San Francisco, that is a major a least 4 lane one way street. I will use public transportation and I recommend you to do the same.

For the first time they are running an unconference style sessions in the afternoon. Something similar to what we do at the Community Days, just that it is in competition  to the regular program, which is interesting to see how much traffic they can get away from hands-on sessions. Something that we try to avoid.

As it is Unconference, I thought I sign up and do a session that is dear to my heart, that I am going to do at the Community Day in Bangalore too: Developing a Global Community Culture. I will let you know how it works out. Check it out if you are at Oracle World.

There is a lot more, but it is Sunday and this is all I have time for.  

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  • That’s a hoot. It’s also worth noting that Craig Cemhil, Jake Kuramoto (Oracle), Eddie Awad (Oracle customers) and I have been collaborating on a way to follow people interested in Oracle OpenWorld. Craig did the heavy lifting.

    Check this: and follow the instructions. For OOW enter “start *oow.”

    • Thanks Mark, Dennis and Craig for giving us the opportunity to see how other communities collaborate.  Incredible how quietly and courageously it reaches new heights. Kudos guys!
    • Hi Ignacio,

      With a global online community, you can’t tailor the answers in forum posts towards different audiences.

      With different cultures coming from different frame of references the perception and understanding of the posts are different. It is a problem of the global village. Through tolerance, assuming best intentions and members wanting to understand everybody involved we will develop a common frame of reference.

      Better communication leads to better understanding which leads to better co-innovation or something 😉

      Let’s see what others think here at Oracle World, Mark.