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B2B Services for Price Agreements

B2B Services for Prices Agreements

In some industries, e.g. Consumer Product, High Tech or Pharma Industry suppliers grant rebates for certain customers directly. In Wholesale Distribution sometimes wholesalers are inbetween and receive price agreements from their suppliers to apply them for certain customers or customer groups, very often limited on certain values or quantities.

New price agreements available in ERP allow to define conditions between suppliers and customers which are considered in the sales order.

International B2B-Services for trade price contracts allow an easy mapping of incoming price information from suppliers. Any data format of any industry standard can be mapped to this B2B Service and facilitates the data exchange with your suppliers significantly.

General Benefits of B2B Services on the “sender-side”:

Existing webservices provide technology for the mapping. No additional software is required to map fields into required xml-documents. The costs for implementation projects decrease significantly. They entry point for smaller partner is getting lower. The contingent of partners participating in electronic data exchange should increase.

General Benefits of B2B Services on the “receiver-side”:

With B2B Services the mapping within electronic data exchange is relocated in SAP. The external data is transferred into SAP where the mapping from external information into internal information is included. Expensive EDI implementation projects are no longer required.

B2B Services for Price Agreements should lower Costs and Efforts and in consequence should lower the entry point to participate in electronic data exchange for smaller vendors.



This services you will find in SAP’s Wiki documentation area under Enterprise Services Wiki, ES Packages for the industry “Wholesale Distribution” -> “Trade Price Specification Management”.

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