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Search Engine Optimization with SAP Business One Ecommerce and WebCRM

Search engine optimization is and always has been a prime time topic for webmasters. This is even more prevalent in the ecommerce world, where potential customers finding your wares on the world wide web can land you “in the money”.

SAP Business One Ecommerce and WebCRM has functionality that will allow you to configure your web tools website to be more search engine friendly.

To start you’ll need the following:

– A web tools website
– Items in your web tools website that you wish to sell to B2C customers
– A list of keywords you think people will use to find you, or that you would like to be found with
– A description of your website

Next, create some static pages in your site. To do this, login as a super user and click the administration link on the My Account page.

Then on the left pane of the administration, click the Layout menu item, then select Static Pages.

Create a new static page that will announce a new product line launch, a discount for a certain manufacturer, or the announcement of an online coupon.

In the details of the static page in the administration, locate the indexing tab. The keywords and blurb fields refer to the META tags “Keywords” and “Description” and will be output to the browser.

Here is where you then enter keywords you think people will use to locate your website and keywords you are targeting. Search engine spiders will find this page and index it according to the META tag information and the body text itself, so it is also important to have your keywords in the page text section(body) of the static page.

Also, make sure that the static page is linked directly from your homepage, so the crawler will find the information more relevant.

You can also do the same for items. In the administration locate an item and view it’s item details. The keywords field here has two purposes 1)Generate content for the keyword parameter of the META tag, and 2)The web tools internal search engine will index the item using these keywords so shoppers can locate it using the site search function.


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