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Guided Procedures: Adding variables to the inbox text

Hopefully by now you have tried out guided procedures and perhaps you have a project in progress.

Once guided procedures appear in the users inbox, the users need context for each task. Of course we can’t have text in the inbox that says only says “review order” or “update customer”. Once you get 50 items in your inbox, you have no idea which order or which customer.

If this interests you, check out our new guide:
Using Work Item Text Variables in Guided Procedures.

It will walk you through a simple example of adding work item variables to guide procedures actions. So, give it a try!!

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  • Good blog. We are using GP. We want our administrtors to monitor the progress of the Process through the GP run time – “Process i oversee” . But it only displays the process title and there is no way for the administrator to identify who is the initiator of the process until he opens the actual instance. is there any way to customize the process title itself similar to task title?


  • Ginger,

    Excellent Blog! I found this at the right time when our business had the exact requirement. Thank You! One additional point to be remembered is that the input parameters has to configured as ‘required’ and cannot be a ‘list’ in order for this to work. ALso to confirm, this works well with UWL as well.

    – Rao

  • After modifying the action name as you specified we are facing the following problem
    ##->The action is not coming in the UWL

    but it is coming for the first action.

    so please help me it is urgently needed
    with regards
    shanto aloor

  • There is a way for having a custom process title by coding, but not by customizing:
    gpRuntimeMgr = GPProcessFactory.getRuntimeManager();
    gpRuntimeMgr.setCustomProcessTitle(executionContext.getProcessId(), textAccessor.getText(IMessageMaEintritt.PROC__TITLE));