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SAP Community Cares

SAP Community Cares

We talk here in the SAP Developer Network and in the Business Process Expert community about the power of communities to influence the direction of development, to guide conversations, to be vigilant against empty marketing promises, to identify false IT prophets and profitless content.  Indeed there are many who enjoy engaging in conversations “that matter”.  A month ago I posted a blog Conversations About Questions That Matter called: “Conversations About Questions That Matter”.  It was modeled on the tagline of an inventive and inspiring website:  The World Café which, by no coincidence was highlighted recently for me by the creator of those great TechEd Las Vegas Mural images we all enjoyed: Nancy Marguiles.  The premise of that website, to reiterate for those who missed the blog, was to “create a hospitable space in which to explore questions that matter, encourage everyone to contribute, connect diverse people and ideas, listen together for insights, patterns, and deeper questions and make collective knowledge visible.”

Today, quietly and relatively unobtrusively marks the launch of a new SAP blog which, from my perspective, has shaken not a little my own world, has the potential to shake yours and makes me appreciative of being part of the SAP community network.    SAP Feeding Knowledge is an invitation to join, or rather own, the debate around corporate social responsibility and sustainability.  To some of us who were privileged to first hear of its impending creation, we received this message early this morning which I would like to share with you, our community members:

“The site is now open and live. The start of a journey into the virtual unknown has begun. I do hope we can sincerely engage the broader SAP community in CSR in meaningful ways. We have in orbit around SAP some of the smartest people on the planet, now we have to be clever enough to engage them effectively for good purpose. Community engagement to help shape SAP’s own CSR strategy, positioning and response is also greatly appreciated. Wide stakeholder engagement is an important aspect of good CSR management”

Community as a Powerful Change Agent.  That’s the title of an entry made today in a personal blog I launched nearly 2 years ago under the moniker: A time to mourn, a time to rejoice.  While we can be deeply saddened by the sights you will see in the video under SAP Feeding Knowledge it’s heartening to think there are very practical thing we can do, here, in our community, on this platform.  Join the conversation.  The one that matters.

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    • Yes, Ignacio a guide is needed.  Here’s the good news and the bad news.  There is no instantly available guide.
      A guide is something we will create together and a guide is something that will need to evolve and grow.
      It can start with a new Business oriented wiki space that encompasses a number of sub areas:
      1)     WFP – A space or topic for educational content, brainstorming, debate and interest around the World Food Program (WFP).  From a business perspective WFP can be viewed as a mass logistics program and supply chain business process challenge in addition to it being an important humanitarian cause that a community can rally around, support and contribute to.
      2)     An area to discuss Transparency Initiatives – Develop business content around Business for Social Responsibility.  Here we could hold discussions that would tease out what is materially important to a society: Think Hugh McCloud Blue Monster
      3)     KPIs-Practical guidelines for measuring and even deploying what we discuss here, be it by illustrating the ability to place professionals or by creating and implementing standards we evolve around transparency and sustainability with the accompanying set of metrics and key performance indicators that would help us to measure those things as an industry sector and as a community of business process experts that know how to create business KPIs

      So the short answer is we need to create a space.  Make it an active open collaborative one.  Put the right subject matter experts in place to help guide conversation and direction and leverage the community to help determine scope, suitability of content.

      Make sense?

  • Hello Marilyn,
    I had a great time joining the BPX-talks done by you and your colleagues. Doing mor than 19 years SAP development and consulting this is a new community which inspires me. I am sure you are doing the right thing.

    Best Regards
    =;-) Bernhard

    • Thanks for adding your particular spice to the conversations.  As I return from my long travels it is great to read such posts and reflect on the closing activities of 2007. Hope the “inspiration” turns into participation!