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Monitoring applications in a complex XI Driven landscape



Paz Oil is a leading oil & gas company in Israel. Our business includes manufacturing (refinery) gas stations and retail stores.


We use SAP since 1996 and it is used throughout the organization in many ways. Our main systems include: ERP 2005, BI, CRM & XI.

There are quite a few non-sap systems and plenty of interfaces between the systems.


XI Monitoring


We use XI to process and manage a lot of the interfaces between our systems, for example the interface between the gas stations to the back office, the interface between the refinery to the oil depot, etc.

XI built-in monitoring tools can give us a very good picture about the messages themselves: have they reached their destination properly or not, but we are lacking monitoring options in the area of the applications log.


Application log


Once an XI message reaches its destination, some kind of a business process is initiated. For example: an order is created, a table is updated, etc.

Our debate is regarding which the best way to monitor the applicative side of those messages, e.g – what happened in the system after the message was received. We think of a couple of options:

  • Design the process in XI so it will query the application and write a log as part of the process.
  • Design and implement a central monitoring system (in-house) that will monitor the applications and write the results to a central log
  • Design a different application log system for each interface/system


We would like to hear from other customers and colleagues who are dealing with complex XI environments about the monitoring challenge and the ways they are dealing with it.

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