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SAP Community Day London – April 2008

I want to point to the Blogs and Wiki Page talking about “SAP Community Day London – April 2008”:

Everything started with a forum post from Darren Hague: More Community Days Then Nigel James posted London SAPers looking to put together a local community day. Finally Darren Hague posted SAP Community Day London – April 2008 and he setup the SDN Wiki Page: SAP Community Day London – April 2008.

Long time SDN Member DJ Adams already submitted a session Using the ICF for real Web Services. Also I did submit mine:  Combine Typo3 WebCMS with SAP R/3 and CRM using Web Services. So now it’s up to us to make it a great event. And always remember what Mark Finnern said at SAP Community Day Munich according to John F. Kennedy: “Ask not what the community can do for you – ask what you can do for your community”.

As you can see the London weather is better than it’s reputation. This photo was taken on my London Trip 29th March – 1st April 2002:


Located in South America?

You’re located in South America? Too long way to London? No problem. Look into the Blog SAP Community Day Buenos Aires – April 11, 2008 posted by Ignacio Hernández and also the according Wiki page.

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    • I second the motion.  I was just asking in the wiki what we can do to make this more visible to more people and suddenly saw that Gregor had already done a blog.  I’ve also pinged a few folks from my circles in UK including platform team.  Hope each of them can spread the word as well.
  • … alone that DJ is promising a session is a reason to come. His enthusiasm and all out joy at events has been greatly missed lately here in the SDN world.

    Welcome back old pal, Mark.

    P.S. Not to self. Isn’t it funny that you make yourself rare and people get really excited once you are back.

  • Gregor: Some of the SAP IT team members who manage the SDN and BPX infrastructure (NetWeaver of course, with KM, Portal, BI, etc.) live and work in London, including the senior director, QA people, and so on.  You met at least one of them at TechEd Munich in the Community Clubhouse.  It might work that they can join Community Day in London next year.  They would be interesting for the community members to hear from since we think SDN/BPX is the largest NetWeaver implementation in the world (900,000 members/users with more than 500,000 unique visitors every month…), and so these people are true experts. 


    Mark Y.

  • Hi gregor do you know if there is any other Community Day planned for 2008? Maybe in Germany or a location near Walldorf?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Marcel, just make it! maybe we can make a “London / Buenos Aires / Waldorf SAP Community Day Abril 2008”. A kind of multipoint Community Day around globe.
      • Hi Marcel,

        Ignacio is right. If you want to create a Community Day in your area/hood/backyard, just add a page to the following wiki:

        In your case probably first to see whether there are others that are interested, then to coordinate regarding time, space, content, sponsorship, …

        We will help of course and be there if we can. Bay Area anyone? I know of a really nice location overlooking Silicon Valley on Hillview Avenue in Palo Alto and I think I can get the keys for a day 😉

        All the best, Mark.

        • Mark:

          That means that I can organize a Community Day in Peru…And had SDN support? (Not exactly physical support -:P).

          If so…I could start a campaing on my personal blog to see how many people is interested…

          Looking forward for your answer and directions



          • I believe we have to change the angle, we always think how many money do we need to do it ? my answer is: $1+. How many people do we need to do it ? my answer is: 1+. We have to begin…maybe today ten people with a notebook…if we made it well next event are going to come fifteen…
          • Hi Blag,

            Absolutely, Ignacio is right, create a wiki page Community Day Peru, post a blog here and on your private site, and see who will join you.

            I have not been to the SAP office in Lima, but I am convinced that there is a room or two that can be used for an evening or if you get enough interest even a whole day and we will make sure that you can use that one. (The same is true for other locations)

            Go ahead! Make my Community Day 😉

            All the best, Mark.