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You might think passing dynamic URL parameters to an web application that is integrated in SAP NetWeaver Portal via Application Integrator is going to be easy. Actually, it is. But it’s not documented yet. By default no parameter is ever passed to the integrated application. 



Check the SAP Library . You will find some information about the Application Integrator. But nothing a beginner could use right away. However, Kiran Munugalchetty’s excellent Step-By-Step Guide to implement Application Integrator provides step-by-step instructions for the use of the Application Integrator. There he points to another very useful document (“How to use Application Integrator”) that can be downloaded from SAP Service Market Place .

In the documentation provided you will find information about how to pass static parameters to the application. You will even find information about how to pass certain dynamic portal-specific parameters (e.g. the user’s name or the user’s language) to the application, But nowhere you will find information about how to pass dynamic URL parameters to the integrated application. 

h3. Solution 

Basically, you have look at the iView property “URL Template”. Usually, the property looks like this:

<System.protocol>://<System.server>:<System.port><System.uri></p><p> </p><p>In order to pass dynamic URL parameters to the integrated application you have to add the string “?<DynamicParameter>”. This results in: </p><p><System.protocol>://<System.server>:<System.port><System.uri>?<DynamicParameter>


Now you are able to pass dynamic URL parameters to the integrated application. If you want to access the application in the portal context and pass some parameters at the same time, you can take advantage of the following URL:




Of course you have to replace <server>, <port>, <path_to_iview> with the values of your system. Also note that you have to encode the actual parameter string because DynamicParameter itself is already an URL parameter.   </p>

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