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Check out what I found…

For those of you who attended SAP TechEd Munich you were treated to a sneak peek at the latest internal developments around ABAP, the key thing is INTERNAL meaning that it’s actually not available so don’t bother asking, at least not too loudly 😉

This is from the guys who first brought you the TechEd ’06 Archive: ABAP Editor and they’ve been really busy lately. 

Now what you are about to see was harder to get than “blood from a stone“, now it’s now what you saw in the Demo Jam during Munich instead it’s a whole screen cam of the thing in aciton – ABAP (the whole se80) in Eclipse!

Demo Jam replay:



Now for the screen cam, just click here and sit back and enjoy I found playing some good music made it even better – it’s just a screen cam no audio – kind of gives you the feeling I really did sneak this out doesn’t it 😉

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