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Bangalore RIA Hacker Night

It seems that there is some interest but not much, Abesh and Raja are trying hard so why is no one responding?

We held this event (first time this year) in both Las Vegas and Munich and it was a smashing success and personaly I’d like to do it again in Bangalore but only if there is committed interest and so far that is not there, frankly I wonder why we are even trying we have so many people in Bangalore that are active but none of you are stepping up to the plate and saying “I want it!” or “I’ll do it!” a shame!

So here’s the deal if 30 people are committed to attending and being part I will fight to get the budget to old an RIA Hacker Night in Bangalore!

If you are attending SAP TechEd (and registered) and you are willing to hang out in the evening with us after the normal TechEd day then go to Adobe and SDN present – RIA Hacker Night and put your name down! Hacker Night does not cost anything and we provide food, fun and drinks!

Abesh Campaign to get our due : A Hacker Night for Bangalore ! it and Raja added TechEd 07 Bangalore RIA Hacker Night and TechEd 07  Bangalore RIA Hacker night, remember though only the first 30 will be invited to attend (space is limited) and only those who have responded to Adobe and SDN present – RIA Hacker Night.

Right now 4 people have responded, and I know of 2 people who are not normally in Bangalore who will be attending as well so that means 24 spots are open and you have a until November 8, 2007 to respond if I don’t have enough people by then, then no Hacker Night – if I do have enough then I will begin searching for budget!

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  • I don't know what's up with guys in Bangalore...I mean...Hacker Night@Vegas was awesome! Huge! Amazing! I just don't get why people doesn't show up...

    @Abesh and @Raja are working hard to make this work...And I don't think it's fair to take this event away from them...

    Sign up for Hacker Night...You won't regret it!



      • Hmmm...this is a little "harsh". People don't sign up because of a variety of reasons. I do accept that people will come if awarded points, but definitely not a huge crowd. I have requested everyone I know of to sign up but the response is poor because of lack of knowledge of what it is about or not being in Bangalore at that  time etc etc. No one has asked me "how many points will I get?" (not yet 🙂 ).

        BTW, I am interested in attending and I will give away 250 points if I have to!!!

  • Folks,

    If people are not signing up for XYZ, don't try to find 'whats wrong with them!'. What rocks your boat doesn't need to rock everyone else's. (This is for commenters, not directed to Craig or Abesh and others trying for it).

    @Anton - What you say may be true, it was a pretty cheap shot nonetheless.

    • I don't approve of forcing people to do things nor "cheap shots" however I must say that Community Day, Hacker Night and even the Clubhouse are simply being neglected by attendees there seems to be no interest at all, even less than last year so I have to sit back and wonder if it's even worth it to do the planning and effort and fight for budget for a group of folks who show no interest?

      We've still low interest on Community Day sessions and only  more people for Hacker Night - at this rate I'd rather just take the 8 folks interested out for a beer...

  • We couldn't find 30 interested guys on this topic from the second largest contributers country sofar!!! This is giving impression that guys only interested on points.Sorry if I hurt someone. I think if atleast one person signs up from each SAP partner company in India, the count crosses more than 30.