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SAP NetWeaver Identity Management: SP1 released and new SDN-forum is live!

The first service pack (SP1) for SAP NetWeaver Identity Management 7.0 is now available for download. All SAP customers and partners that have at least a basic SAP NetWeaver license can download the software on the SAP service market place at (Logon required). In the Software Distribution Center (/swdc) you must follow the path –> Download –> Installations and Upgrades –> Entry by Application Group –> SAP NetWeaver –> SAP NW Identity Management –> SAP NW Identity Management 7.0 –> “Installation” in order to find the downloadable ZIP-files.

The enhancements with SP1 will ease implementations by providing new templates for backend connectivity as well as enhanced documentation. Some new Implementation Guidelines are also available in the Security area of SDN.

SAP now also offers classroom trainings for SAP NetWeaver Identity Management 7.0. For booking and further information, please use the following link:

And last but not least: A new discussion forum went live in the SDN forum category SAP NetWeaver: it is called “SAP NetWeaver Identity Management”. This forum is a key information channel for questions around the product “SAP NetWeaver Identity Management”. Potential customers, existing customers and partners, as well as SAP employees are invited to post their questions there OR answer any questions when they can. Visit the forum here: SAP Identity Management

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  • Hello Kristian,

    This blog is great, but I have a question.

    How can we integrate the Identity Management in a double stack NW Installation (Like XI) to an LDAP server?? 

    I have a NW 7.0 SP11 (double stack) installation and, by default, we control all user data, auth and new users in the ABAP stack, but we want to rely in our LDAP server, because we have all users and PWD there already.

    I read and make the test connecting the Portal to the LDAP directly but I do not know if it is possible to do this in the ABAP Side.

    We have a double stack install because we are using the Workflow, Records Management, BW and other modules from the Portal and UWL.

    I will appreciate any help you can give me.

    Best Regards.

  • Kristian,
    The Netweaver ID management is linked to (e.g.) a Business Partner based on SAP HR and maps roles like authorisation, based on roles and tasks based on protocols like LDAP. It is a strong and usefull framework.

    Can SAP ID management also be linked to the Business Partner, in such away such that the role of a Business Partner in a "network of business relations" can be used in determining access rights?
    As an example, if in a purchaseorder a vendor is identified with a role for a person of that vendor (as mapped in SRM) can then this ID be used to set access to the purchase order and the underlying case (of that logistics order)?
    Or as another example, if a payment is not recieved, and a collections case is made, can this then be accessed by the Business Partner associated to the collections case as bailiff?

    Of course we touch on issues such as IDentity federation here.
    albert kuiper Capgemini NL