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Enhanced Material Search with Creation – Part 1: Overview, Enrichment of Search Results with Prices and Stock Availability

Blogs about the Enhanced Material Search:


One of the key issues in wholesale distribution and other trading industries is efficiency in sales order entry. To speed up the searching for materials the new “Enhanced Material Search with Creation” is introduced as an alternative to the F4 material search, implemented in the Standard Sales Order within SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Pack 2.

In a series of blogs I would like to outline the fantastic new features of the Enhanced Material Search with Creation that makes sales order entry much more efficient and intuitive for sales reps and backoffice.

This first blog covers the general features of the Enhanced Material Search and the enrichment of search results with additional information from SAP ERP, like prices and stock availability for selected plants.

Full-text search using the TREX search index
The new enhanced material search is called from the Standard Sales Order and comes with an own screen. It provides a full-text google-like search for materials. Of course you can use wildcards. A fault tolerance can be switched on/off on the search screen. This is a much more intuitive way to search compared with the F4 search.

Additional specific search criteria can be used to narrow down the search results or to search in a field-specific way.
You can configure your desired search criteria from a list and influence their sequence on the screen. Also you can customize which search criteria are always visible and which can be additionally shown when individually required. This saves screen space for the search results.

The enhanced material search is based on the SAP Search Engine (TREX) which is typically installed on a small external server. The TREX search incredibly fast because the index is held completely in memory (RAM). A nice benefit: When using a TREX index instead of the F4 search you reduce the load on the SAP ERP system and gain performance for other processes.

Keyword Search
Imagine you are a new sales rep and a customer calls you and ask for an affordable water pump that is in stock. How do you start your search? Is a pump called “pump”? Usually not – typically there is a model number and maybe a vendor named in the material description, but the term “pump” does not appear.

With the new enhanced material search a keyword search is introduced that solves this common issue. The keywords are not assigned to individual materials but to material groups. So you can e.g. create a new keyword “PUMPS” and connect it to the material group(s) that hold all the pumps. After a few minutes allowing the TREX to update its index the new keyword can be used as a normal search term within the full text search. Of course you can mix “normal” search terms with keywords, e.g. “siwamatics pumps” would bring up all materials which have the term “siwamatics” in the material description fields, and which are part of the material group(s) the keyword PUMPS is assigned to.

The keywords itself can be easily created in the new (small) transaction WSD_KEYWORD. You can assign one keyword to multiple material groups. You can also use keywords for common abbreviations, e.g. to use “PBG” for all plumbing products.

Enrichment of Search Results with Prices, Stock Availability, and other ERP
OK, with the new keyword search feature you have easily found the pumps, but you still need to know which pumps are in stock and what their (customer specific) sales price is. Remember we are still in a sales order, so we know the customer, pricing conditions, and we know our plant/store and our distribution chain – so we know enough to determine stock availability and prices – let’s do it!

Unlike the standard F4 material search the search results in the Enhanced Material Search are enriched with stock availability (ATP or unrestricted stock) and prices (list price, expected customer price, purchase price):

  • Stock availability
    All search results now immediately show the stock availability for the own plant in the search results overview. You can configure if the unrestricted use stock or current ATP quantity is shown.
    For each search result you can further display the stock availability for other plants you have selected, such as predefined plant groups or plant numbers entered individually. For your own plant you can predefine so-called Close-By Plants or plants of your region.

    The close-by plants for your own plant are maintained in the transaction WSD_CBP. In customizing you can individually decide whether you would like to see unrestricted stock or ATP for the own plant, close-by plants and other plants.
    Please regard: No reservation or drill-down functionality to find the optimum location etc. takes place here during the ATP check; just the actual stock quantity is displayed.

  • Prices
    For each search result the sales list price (of your pricing procedure), the expected customer sales price as well as the purchasing price maintained in the purchasing info record is calculated/determined. Prices can be determined in a plant specific way, so if your price for a given product is different in other store the correct price is always shown.

    Why expected customer sales price? In the sales order you can have header specific conditions we cannot cover in the material search results. There could also be material-material-dependencies like buy 1 get another one 50% off. This cannot be covered in the calculation of the customer price, but will be determined correctly in sales order. That’s the reason why it is called “expected”.

  • Additional Enrichment
    For all search results the following additional information is shown:

    – Color Indicator for material maintenance (stock available, no stock available, material not maintained for plant/distribution chain)
    – Material number, sales unit, EAN/UPC
    – Plant + plant name
    – Stock level, base unit + type of stock determination indicator (unrestricted use stock or ATP stock)
    – Sales list price, expected customer price, purchasing price + corresponding currencies
    – Old material number
    – Material group + description, product hierarchy, material type, material category
    – Vendor + vendor name, vendor sub range, vendor material number, vendor material group

Enhanced Material Search - enriched search results

Transfer multiple search results to sales order
With this wealth of information on hand, a sales representative can quickly and easily find suitable products that are in stock and in budget. The sales rep can directly enter the order quantity for search results (even for a different plant!), mark the search result lines and transfer all marked lines to the sales order in one step.

From a sales order point of view, the sales order receives material number, order quantity and plant for each search result that is transferred. All the determinations for ATP or gATP, prices, plant/material combination checks, price calculation etc. take place in the sales order as before, without being influenced by the new Enhanced Material Search.

Where to get info material?
You can find an infokit about the Enhanced Material Search and other Sales Order Enhancements in the Sales Order Enhancement Series: Overview.

Next blogs:

Best regards,

Dr. Ingo Woesner
Product Manager
Application Strategic Innovation – Multichannel

P.S. The Enhanced Material Search with Creation is part of SAP ERP Core 6.0 EhP2, contained in SAP_APPL 602 in Business Function SD_01. No industry switch is required. The Enhanced Material Search is designed as a module that can be implemented in other applications as well. This must be done on project basis. Customizing is specific to the calling application. A major update and improvement was provided with Enhancement Package 5 (see my 5th blog).

P. P.S. Blogs about this and other Sales Order Enhancements are collected here: Sales Order Enhancement Series: Overview

Enhanced Material Search - enriched search results
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    • Hello Mukesh,

      I'm sorry backporting of this functionality is not possible as it is linked with SAP ECC 6.0 Enhancement Pack 2 functionality. We use adapted objects of the sales order that are not in former releases.


  • Hi Ingo

    My customer is running is ECC6 Ehp3 project with DIMP business function set.

    Is the enhanced material search function compatible with DIMP.

    This function is really really helpful, and not only for wholesale distributors.



    • Hi Robin,

      the functionality was developed in ERP Core (in SAP_APPL), not specifically for wholesale.

      When DIMP uses an unmodified SAP_APPL and the standard sales order, I can't see a reason why the Enhanced Material Search shouldn't run properly.  Give it a try, and please let me know about the result.

      Best regards,
  • Dr. Ingo.

    Excellent blog. We are considering the utility of the 'Enhanced Material Search'. I have looked at your demonstrations and collaterals and I want to be sure of which Business Function Set is the correct one to activate and what features/fucntions it contains. Is there a document which outlines the 'target' set and describes the content?

    Also, is it possible to utilize the Material 'Basic Data Text' as an element of a Search?

    Thanks you

  • HI Ingo,
    can I assume that the fuzzy Full Text search works on all of the fields listed in the Class CL_WSD_ERP_SE_BUS1001006 - is there any documentation that lists the definitive list of fields in the standard solution?


    • Hi Kevin,

      yes, the full text search field searches across all fields of the class.

      You can check the fields listed in class CL_WSD_ERP_SE_BUS1001006 by the following way:

      - Go to transaction SE24
      - enter Class "CL_WSD_ERP_SE_BUS1001006"
      - go to Tab "Attributes"
      >> all attributes starting with "GC_FIELDNAME_" are part of the class, which are (as of EhP2-4):

      Material number               'EXTERNAL_KEY'
      Material old number             'OLD_MAT_NO'
      EAN/UPC                    'EAN_UPC'
      Mat. Type               'MATL_TYPE'
      Material Category          'MATL_CAT'
      Material description          'DESCRIPTION'
      Prod. Hier.               'PROD_HIER'
      Material Group               'MATL_GROUP'
      Plant                    'PLANT'
      Sales org.               'SALESORG'
      Distrib. channel          'DISTR_CHAN'
      Divistion               'DIVISION'
      Account Number of Vendor or Creditor 'VENDOR_NO'
      Deletion flag               'DEL_FLAG'
      Keyword                    'KEYWORD'
      Vendor Name               'NAME2'
      Vendor Name               'NAME3'
      Vendor Name               'NAME4'
      Vendor Name               'NAME1'
      Material Number Used by Vendor     'VEND_MAT'
      Vendor Subrange               'VEND_PART'
      Vendor Material group          'VEND_MATG'

      Best regards,

      • Thanks for confirming this Ingo,

        We have recently inplemented this enhancement to our QA environment for review and I am continually facing questions of this nature.

        In addition I am regularly asked "Why" each set of results comes back. Other than the Help text behind the Full text search is there any documentation available that explains the Indexing in more detail.

        In particular:
        The way attributes & descriptions are broken up before being stored in the index.

        How is the data stored in the index Is it effectively two fields - Field 1 being Material and Fields 2 a string of an attribute value or subset of an attribute value?

        What logic is behind the so called Level of Fuzziness?

        thanks for your help,

        • Hi Kevin,

          thank you for your questions. Please see the answers I have collected from the TREX and Enterprise Search PM/development below.

          Question 1:
          We have recently implemented this enhancement to our QA environment for review and I am continually facing questions of this nature.

          In addition I am regularly asked "Why" each set of results comes back. Other than the Help text behind the Full text search is there any documentation available that explains the
          Indexing in more detail.

          Answer 1:
          There are differences in technologies:
          •     In SES (NW 7.00) you can meanwhile get Google-like text snippets for the results on API level. For details refer to SAP note 1306115.
          You must of course enhance your UI for displaying these text snippets.
          •     For Embedded Search (NW 7.02) a first solution of such text snippets will be available by end of the year.

          Question 2:
          In particular:
          The way attributes & descriptions are broken up before being stored in the index.

          Answer 2:
          There are again differences in technologies:
          •     SES (NW 7.00) uses the TREX text engine as well as the TREX attribute engine.
          Full text search is realized on the text engine: All attribute values are indexed additionally in the text engine.
          Therefore it was easy to provide the text snippets. But the information about the affected attribute is lost.
          •     Embedded Search (NW 7.01/7.02) only uses the TREX attribute engine.
          Full text search is realized by a so-called “freestyle search” on the attribute engine.
          Therefore the information about the affected attribute can be provided.

          Question 3:
          How is the data stored in the index Is it effectively two fields - Field 1 being Material and Fields 2 a string of an attribute value or subset of an attribute value?

          Answer 3:
          This is also covered in the answer of the former question.

          Question 4:
          What logic is behind the so called Level of Fuzziness?

          Answer 4: I am still trying to get details about it.

          Best regards,

          • Thanks Ingo,

            So if I understand Answer 1 correctly in conjunction with note 1306115 - if we have the correct SES Version MInimum TREX 7.1 Rev. 28 - and carry out the correction instructions we could display the context(snippet) of the search result - we would have to add a column to the search result area to display this info. In Vesion 7.2 the snippets will already be included and we just need to add the extra column?

            Answer 2 & 3 - go over my head a little I'm afraid - but what I think you are saying that in one version you get the snippet information back but not what attribute it was found in - where as the latest version could include the Attribute name as well?

            In summary I think if implemented to include snippets we could provide a method to give the users knowledge of why each material in a full text search was returned.
            The other side of this is of course why a material isn't returned which of course can't be provided to the user 🙂 but maybe the answer to question 4 will help out a little.

    • Hi Dr Ingo,

      I am trying to enhance the Vendor master search by copying the class CL_ERP_SE_LFA1 .

      But its not working as expected.

      Can you please provide me your valuable guidance.

      Thanks and regards,

      • Hi Rajeev,

        this class is not used by the Enhanced Material Search, nor does our business object BUS1001006 (Standard Materials) support a vendor master search.

        I suppose you have asked the right question in the wrong BPX article.

        Best regards,

        • Hi Ingo,

          Thanks a lot for your reply.
          Actually I am facing a problem while indexing BUS1001006 for material master .

          The Index is getting cancelled after indexing few set of data.
          But Index is active and i am able to see the data which has been indexed in MM03.

          My problem is that it is getting cancelled and if i go to spool list .

          It is displaying following error message.

          "Error        STREX                005:
          Error in the RFC communication: CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPCMRCV'#no data received#
          To Display Error Long Texts: Transaction SE91"

          Please kindly me provide your valuable guidelines on the same.

          Thanks and Regards,

          • Hi Rajeev,

            I am sorry but I am not a TREX expert. The Enhanced Material Search uses the search engine, but how to fix misconfiguration with TREX I don't know.

            Please create an OSS ticket on component BC-TRX-SES.


  • Dear Ingo,

    We are expecting to pass List price displayed in the Search result to Sales Order Item List price using ADD TO ORDER functionality.

    Is it possible to do? IF yes, Is there any specific BADI to deal with these price i.e. expected customer price/Purchase price.

    Thanks for your help!!

    Sincere Regards,
    Amit Kumar Singh

    • Hi Amit,

      I am not sure what you want to do. Would you like to hide the list price field? This you can do easily by creating a layout that doesn't show list price, or (in EhP5) remove the list price from the list of display parameters.

      Can you please elaborate a bit more on this?


      • Hi Ingo,

        Thanks for your quick response.

        No. We donot want to hide the list price field. We want to Pass the List Price displayed in the in the result of material search to Sales order Line item after we click on button add to Order.

        For all the search result we have additonal information regarding Sales list price, expected customer price, purchasing price + corresponding currencies as specified in section Additional Enrichment in the blog.

        While transfering the search result to Order, we want to pass list customer price from the result to List Price of the item.

        Please let me know if it is not clear.



        • Hi Amit,

          I don't see any way to realize it, as this is completely against the way the Enhanced Material Search was designed. It was designed as a search tool, with creation and information capabilities, but not to overwrite or even influence the behavior of the Sales Order.

          Maybe there are BAdIs in the Sales Order, which can be used for this, but if this is the case it would still require a modification in the Enhanced Material Search.

          Best regards,

  • Hello Ingo,

    I am currently experimenting with the EMS on our test system and I'm trying to configure it according to the requirements of our customers. I find your blogs extremely helpful and I hope you can help me find some answers to my questions.

    First issue is that the material creation function within the search is not desired. Material creation is done by a restricted grupe of users and is not permitted out of the sales order. Is there a way to deactive/remove the button "Create Material" without modification?

    The second issue concerns the functionality "Add to order" for articles (we have a retail system) which are not listed in my own plant. Thru adding to order the plant master data for my own plant and the existing material will be created in the backgrund.The german presentation to EMS mentions only new MARC entries for my own plant. I noticed during my tests that not only MARC but also WLK1 entries for my own plant are created. Here comes my question. How can I avoid the creation of WLK1 entries? Is there a Badi where I could prevent that? New WLK1 entries are not desired as the articles are only used for third party oders.

    I am looking forward for your answer.

    Kind regards,

    Daniela Balbach

    • Hello Daniela,

      these are very particular questions, and I hope my answers are correct, as the development architect is on vacation.

      ad 1) The material creation button should be hidden when users without material creation authorization enter the Enhanced Material Search screen.

      ad 2) In EhP2 there is a BAdI named BADI_WSD_RETAIL_MATERIAL (Creation of Retail Materials) in IMG > Logistics General > Material Master > Enhanced Material Search with Material Creation > Enhancements using Business Add-Ins > BAdI: Creation of Retail Materials you might be able to use to prevent the creation of WLK1 entries.

      In EhP5 there is a customizing option "Creation of Plant Data" in the EMS customizing settings how the , inclusing a BAdI named BAdI: Control for Plant-Specific Material Creation (BADI_WSD_CREATE_PLANT_DATA of enhancement spot WSD_CS_ENH2) found in the same path as mentioned above.

      Hopefully this helps you. Please let me know if this works to your satisfaction and whenever you have additional questions.

      Best regards,
      Ingo Woesner

    • Sehr geehrte Frau Balbach,

      ich habe nun die detaillierte Antwort des Entwicklers zu Ihrer Frage 2 bekommen. Der Kollege war Urlaub, daher hat es etwas länger gedauert.

      Hier die Antwort:

      Wir legen mit den MARC’s immer die Listungsdaten an. Der in meiner ersten Antwort geschriebene Ansatz ist gut. Darüber funktioniert es.

      Das Badi BADI_WSD_RETAIL_MATERIAL (Creation of Retail Materials) kann verwendet werden. Die Klasse CL_WSD_MATERIAL_RT, Methode SAVE_PLANT_DATA_RT müsste kopiert werden. Beim Aufruf des FM  WRF_MATERIAL_MAINTAINDATA_RT darf der Parameter listingconditions nicht gefüllt werden.

      Ich hoffe das hilft Ihnen weiter.

  • Hi Ingo,

    Excellent functionality and a very informative blog.

    A few questions though:

    1) We are using SAP Retail and the client uses SAP MIM for sales order processing in their stores.. Is this functionality available in SAP MIM as well

    2) If i am using PRICAT and have all the catague data in standard PRICAT tables, do I still need to use the SAP Enterprise Search? Will the Search Engine not suffice?

    Looking forward to your response

    Cheers, Akash

  • Ciao Ingo Woesner,

    I really like your detailed document (well done!!!)

    Just an additional question:

    SAP Search Engine (TREX) is still available or I have to install the SAP NW ENTERPRISE SEARCH 7.3?

    Thanks for your support


    • Hi Andrea,

      TREX is available without any restrictions. The Embedded Search (as part of the Enterprise Search) is an alternative to TREX for the Enhanced Material Search (EMS). See the Embedded Search as the bigger brother of the TREX.

      With EMS the only advante of using the Embedded Search vs. TREX is the preconfiguration of the Embedded Search for using SAP Retail's PRICAT functionality.

      For non-Retail ERP systems go for the TREX - it has exactly the same functionality, and then you can use the very same TREX machine it for the Full Text Customer Search in ERP Sales Order.

      Best regards,


  • Hi Ingo,

    Appreciate your blogs, even after so long when you posted them.

    I have 2 questions about material search.

    1) Is it possible to search indepenently of plant. By activating I get popup for selection on plant?

    2) Is it possible to hide/deactivate the material creation. For Customer Service agents it's normal practice to search and add materials in an order, a master data team for creation. So if this option can be removed, that would be great as this is normally not the same role.

    Thanks a lot again.

    Regards Kasper

    • Hi Kasper,

      you are welcome, the EMS is still my baby 🙂

      ad 1) search independently of plant

      yes, this is possible. The plant selection is first of all a display "filter", actually a two-fold filter applied to the search results, as it also filters out those material# results, which are not maintained for the selected plants (MARC/MVKE)

      You can switch off the MARC/MVKE-Filter when you mark the flag "Search without Plant Filter". Then, you see all search results independent from their MVKE/MARC status, but still only those search results for the selected "display" plants (own plant, related, additional plants).

      plant filter.png

      You can bypass the popup to select your own plant by setting the user parameter WRK (Menu > System > User Profile > Parameters > create "WRK" for your own plant. There, you can pre-configure your own plant.


      ad 2) Hide button "Create Material".

      The button actually should disappear for users who have no material creation permission. So your admin should maintain the user role of your service agents accordingly.

      Best regards,


      • Ingo, thanks for the reply and the time you take.

        Regarding 2 - thanks a lot 🙂

        Regarding 1 - My issue here is that we have a lot of plants we sell same material or similar material. So depending on availability we can sell it from other plants. Also we centralized our customer service in USA so a user is not bound to a particular 'own plant'.

        So in this case an 'own' plant does not really make sense in our business as it could be more than one. So in this case your two fold filter would not have the benefit for us as it was intended for. In this case user has to click through all materials to find a good one.

        In any case, it would make sense to me that the "search without plant filter" would be an option we can switch on per default. It's unfortunatly not in configuration or default setting for user. That would help a lot, and makes sense to me if that would be an option. Is that possible?

        enhanced material search.png

        Thanks a lot again!

        enhanced material search.png
        • OK, I understand. But the whole EMS is designed for an "own" plant of a user, so you cannot bypass this. I guess even by modification the effort would be massive.

          To make the best out of it I would make the following settings:

          Personal settings:

          - Related plats = all plants

          - Hide plants with zero stock

          Modification: hardcode switch on "Search without Plant filter".

          Best regards,


          • Hi Ingo,

            Well, just investigated some more. I just configured Customer Cockpit to have the popup (we have old configuration template) for Material Search.

            And actually this is exactly what I need.

            enhanced material search customer cockpit.png

            Own plant is "blank", so it gives me all the results I need.

            So I understand it was designed for own plant but it works without. At least in  customer cockpit if I enter the own plant it will give me the same two folded display, but if I remove it then it is perfect. So would be beneficial to have this in ECC as well?? (just trying)

            In CC also, there is no option "search without plant" filter. Actually what I need.

            So CC is perfect, ECC looks like we can have this, instead of hardcoding?

            enhanced material search customer cockpit.png
          • Hi Kasper,

            are you sure no "own plant" is applied in CC? I really doubt that.

            Maybe the applied plant is not displayed in CC, but applied from the underlying sales order/customer/WRK parameter. I recommend to debug, to see if own plant really blank.

            Same goes for the missing flag "search without plant filter". I guess plant filter is still applied, just the flag option is not displayed.

            You can check this by comparing CC with ECC. Just use a material that has no MARC/MVKE maintained.

            Best regards,


          • Hi Ingo,

            I will do some additional tests. Customer cockpit is actually working like I want to have it to work. I will update this here later.

            One additional question (sorry for bothering you on your baby). After adding it to the basket in CC, how is it transferred to the items? I press enter nothing happens, there are no buttons?



          • Hi Kasper,

            sorry, I was not involved in the CC, which obviously re-uses "my" EMS function module.

            I recommend to create a support ticket just asking this particular question (how the ttems can be ordered/transferred from basket), to not distract the support colleagues with EMS, plant filter etc.



  • Hello gurus,

    do you have experience with enhanced material search using contracts ?

    Entering material in sales order item position via standard F4 help calls functionality for checking for contract. If contract is found -> popup is displayed and material is entered with the contract price into the ALV grid of VA02. (FM SD_LIST_REFERENCE_DOCUMENT is called).

    How this functionality is incorporated in the new enhanced search ?

      What i could see is that in include: MV45AF0M_MAT_AUF_HINWEIS_PRUEF, FORM MAT_AUF_HINWEIS_PRUEFEN, flag  kopieren is set to 'X' when using enhanced material search. This prevents functionality for contracts.

    Best regards,


    • Hello Rosen,

      contracts are not considered in the EMS, as this is a pure "material search" functionality.

      So the EMS searches for materials and provides sets of "material # + quantity + sales unit + plant" back to the calling transaction, e.g. va01.

      There, the data coming from the EMS are processed as if this data had been entered manually. So all checks, determinations, etc. in va01 are applied, including a popup for contracts.

      I understand that it would be useful to have an indication or even a selection within EMS for the contacts of the particular material, but this has not been implemented, and there s no customizing for it in EMS.

      You could certainly enhance EMS using the many BAdIs we have provided. But first I would evaluate if you can live with the existing functionality.

      Best regards,


      • Hi Ingo,

        we are currently dealing with contracts.

        In example which we made when we put manually material and quantity in the standard VA02 item grid - SAP standard functionality searches for a contract. When such is found -> item net price is set up as in the contract.

        When we search for the same material in the enhanced search, and we put it with the same quantity, sap standard program is created in such a way that it does not uses functionality for contract search. This happens in the subroutine in the include which i have mentioned before.

        We are trying to solve this issue now so when we pick a material via enhanced search, functionality for contract search is enabled and the net price is set as defined in the contract.

        Best regards,


        • Hi Rosen,

          the EMS will not bring up any popup, but when returning the material + quantity back to va01/02, the contract popup has to appear.

          If that is not the case please raise a customer ticket on component LO-GEN-EMF including test data.

          Best regards,


          • Hi Ingo, we did so, we post a message to SAP.

            We do not expect EMS to post any popups. But we do expect sales order functionality to do this, or to choose a contract if there exists only one.

            After a first positive response from SAP that the problem will be fixed, now we recieved a disapointing answer: "Not possible due to technical reasons",  described in the already official OSS note 2266452.  We see this as a meaningless limitation to use a SAP functionality from '70s  (select from existing contracts) with the new EMS which is very useful for the wholesaler industry project we are involved in.  It will be really nice if you can help us to fix this. Our SAP Incident is 0020804940.

            With best regards,  Rosen

  • Hi Ingo,

    I'm trying to use the Enhanced Material Search in our S4 (1511) system.

    The search engine service has been installed and tested using ESH_TEST_SEARCH.

    But in customizing the functions "Additiona Functions for Material", which you at SD->Basic functions do not show up.

    When I search for "Configure and activate Enhanced Material Search with creation" the function is found, but when I select it, nothing happens.

    In SFW5, LOG_SD_CI_02 is activated.

    Is this function still available in S4? What am I doing wrong?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Kind regards, Heidi.



  • Hello Heidi,

    I am out of this development area for almost a decade by now, but the business function you have activated is correct.

    The support colleagues should know what to do, and if S/4 1511 supports the Enhanced Material search.

    May I ask you to raise a support ticket on component LO-GEN-EMF.

    This is all I can do.

    Best regards,