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Installing Wily Introscope Enterprise Manager 7.1

The installation of Wily Introscope Enterprise Manager 7.1 is based on the following documents
     Note 797147
     Wily Introscope Version 7.1 Installation Guide for SAP
 – Installation Guide – Release 4.0

1. Download the following installation files from (detailed path is available in Note 797147)

2. (optional) Adjust the installation directory in file if needed
For example, if you want to install Wily on E drive, instead of default C drive on Windows


3. Execute introscope7.1.P9windowsSAPEndUser.exe

Note that no installation Window will be displayed at all. You can notice that some processes are running from the Task Manager.

4. Check the installation log

You should find the log like the following in file E:\usr\sap\ccms\wilyintroscope\install\Introscope_7.1.P9_InstallLog.log

***** begin *****

Installation: Successful.

***** end *****

5. Check that Intrascope is running. On Windows, there should be a service created as “Intrascope Enterprise Manager”

In our case, the service was not started, and we found the log in file EMService.log
***** begin *****
INFO   | jvm 1    | 2007/10/17 16:00:49 | EM Web Server did not start.  Port already in use: 8081  To change the Web Server port, modify the EM property: introscope.enterprisemanager.webserver.port
***** end *****

And we adjusted the parameter accordingly in file E:\usr\sap\ccms\wilyintroscope\config\

***** begin *****
# The port that the web server listens on
***** end *****

Afterwards, the service was started successfully

6. Adapt the JAVA VM parameters

For Windows platform, adjust file EMService.conf

***** begin *****
# Java Additional Parameters … …
***** end *****

Note that if you are using Sun VM and see display problems with WebView, the Dswing.volatileImageBufferEnabled=false parameter should be added at the end of this line also. (confirmed from OSS message)

7. Install the SAP management modules

Copy SAPISMM71_xx.SAP to E:\usr\sap\ccms\wilyintroscope
Execute “sapcar –xvf SAPISMM71_xx.SAP”

8. Restart the IntroScope Enterprise Manager service

By far, the Introscope Enterprise Manager has been installed successfully. To install the agents for SAP J2EE systems or the Environment Performance agents, it is recommended to use the setup wizards provided in Solution Manager Diagnostics.

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      Thank you for providing this, but what abouth Unix Environment. Which file we need to refer when we are concerning JVM parameters
      Thank you for INfo
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      Former Member

      Hi Victor Lin,<br/>Thanks for sharing the knowledge of installation of Wily Introscope Enterprise Manager 7.1.<br/><br/>We have installed Wily Introscope Enterprise Manager 7.2 successfully without any error or warnings.<br/><br/>But Wily Introscope Enterprise Manager is not starting. <br/>1. First, We encountered this error: "Port already in use: 8081  To change the Web Server port, modify the EM property: introscope.enterprisemanager.webserver.port".<br/><br/>Then we changed the port as you suggested in file E:\usr\sap\ccms\wilyintroscope\config\<br/><br/><br/>***** begin ****<br/># The port that the web server listens on<br/>#introscope.enterprisemanager.webserver.port=8081<br/>introscope.enterprisemanager.webserver.port=8080<br/>**** end *****