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Author's profile photo Thomas Alexander Ritter

SAP Community Day – Looking forward not backward…


A lot of reviews of the community day have already been posted so instead of repeating things I want to look forward and reflect about what influence the event might have on the future.


The Undertaker!


BOF Sessions

Nigel James – SAP meets WordPress – taking a look at how SAP might integrate with the popular blogging / CMS software




Nigel did a fun session about installing wordpress in a SAP environment. I learned quite a lot about using PHP in an enterprise environment. For example I was not aware that you can run PHP inside a java container. Interesting stuff and maybe we will have something working in the near future. So Nigel where is the blog in which you kick-off the project?

Thomas Jung – How to keep your development team’s technical skills up to date

Fun session in which Thomas described how they ran the development team in his former company. Really good discussion and I took the term “champion” with me. Who is a champion? These persons are basically the alpha geeks in your team. The developers who you want to support as a manager since they are most likely the people with the highest skill level and therefore serve as great mentors. Maybe Thomas can come up with a blog post about this topic in the future. Definitely a very interesting and important topic.

Tobias Trapp – Integration Tests in ABAP Development: Testtools and Testtool Design

Due to the amount of manual testing he was facing, Tobias came up with a very interesting approach for testing the document workflow at his company. Just imagine having the possibility of automatically loading data inside a printer spool and then running unit tests against it, very cool! While his solution does a whole lot more, for me the most interesting aspect is the fact that the tests itself can be written in a excel file. This enables testers or even the bpx group to develop new tests without developer interaction.  His spreadsheet idea inspired me to look more into an area which I would call user driven integration tests. The idea behind this is to define processes or business rules in a spreadsheet or a domain specific language. The data is then transformed into actual tests which can be run against the business rules layer of an application. One example for such a framework is FIT. In theory this enables the bpx guys to run their requirements directly against the actual implementation. Maybe it would be possible to build something in this area on top of eCatt…

Me – Exploratory testing or ways to improve your manual testing skills…

As I posted BOF Session in Munich: Exploratory testing or ways to improve your manual testing skills… the idea behind this session was to help people who are doing manual testing but never attended a testing course. As in Melbourne I asked the participants how many of them had a testing course. Sadly. the results were even worse than in Melbourne. Out of approximately 10 people only one attended a testing course. From my perspective the session went well. We had a good discussion and hopefully I motivated some participants to look into improving their testing skills on their own. For that reason I published a list with blogs, articles, videos about testing on my personal website. The list can be found here and it also includes my slides. Thanks again to all the people who attended my session.

Other highlights

SDN on your mobile

Some months ago I published a website which allows you to browse SDN on the mobile device of your choice. However since I do not own a device which can render html I could never see it in the “wild”. During the community day quite a lot of people showed me how it looked like on their devices. Surprisingly, it was usable on all the devices I saw. I could even test it on an iPhone (thanks Ed Herrmann) which made my day. Thanks Darius for holding it!


SDN Mobile on an iPhone


So if you have not heard about the website before check it out: I blogged about it SDN on your iPhone? and Search for Blogs on your iPhone, Blackberry,….



Thomas and Ed


Obviously one of the main reason for attending the event was to catch up with members of the community. I met everybody I wanted to meet. Highlights were Gregor Wolf (If you need a guide for Munich make sure you pick Gregor), Dan McWeeney, Ed Herrmann, Tobias Trapp, The specified item was not found., Marylin Pratt and the RedMonk guys.


The gang


More pictures can be found here.

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      Author's profile photo Darren Hague
      Darren Hague
      Good to meet you, Thomas. The rest of you can see me in the background of the iphone photo trying unsuccessfully to get my Windows Mobile device to show the same page. Turns out I'd screwed up the DNS settings on the phone's WiFi interface... 🙁 
      Once I tried it on a (very expensive roaming) 3G connection, all was fine.

      - Darren

      Author's profile photo Thomas Alexander Ritter
      Thomas Alexander Ritter
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Darren,
      yeah we had a good chat. I think one of the most impressive things about the iPhone is how easy it is to connect to a wireless network. By the way it is still on my todolist to change the layout of the sdn mobile site so it stretches accordingly to the width of your screen.
      cheers Thomas
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hey Thomas:

      Thank for this blog -:) It's really cool! -:) I really wanted to meet Nigel on Vegas...He didn't make it...Now, thanks to you, and your picture at least I manage to see him -:P



      Author's profile photo Thomas Alexander Ritter
      Thomas Alexander Ritter
      Blog Post Author
      No worries, mate 🙂 Glad you like blog.
      cheers Thomas
      Author's profile photo Nigel James
      Nigel James
      Gotta love that yellow shirt and black trebuchet on a white background. Simplicity in presenting. I saw some seriously busy death by powerpoint slides over the week and I hope my presentation was enjoyable.

      I will be writing a summary blog with the key points from what I found researching my talk but if you are impatient just go here for all the links:

      Author's profile photo Thomas Alexander Ritter
      Thomas Alexander Ritter
      Blog Post Author
      I am glad I could avoid those powerpoint slides. Your session was definitely fun. Will check out your links.
      cheers Thomas
      Author's profile photo Marilyn Pratt
      Marilyn Pratt
      Hi Thomas,
      As a fan of your writing style and blogs it was a real privledge to meet you in the Augustina Kellar and to be inspired by your interests and world views.  Meeting you in person was a highlight and high point of my TechEd Munich experience.  I imagine we will be hearing great things from you and about you in the wider sense, not just in the SAP world.
      Author's profile photo Thomas Alexander Ritter
      Thomas Alexander Ritter
      Blog Post Author
      Thank you for the kind words. As I told you, meeting you was one of my highlights as well. I am already jealous that you will travel to New Zealand, again.
      cheers Thomas