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And You Thought Galaxy was Chocolate Bar…but it is a new BPM Tool from SAP – TechEd News

Just had a session at TechEd with the SAP guy who is heading up the development of the GALAXY Business Process Management tool that was announced yesterday at TechEd Munich and it was a very interesting and frank session.

Thanks to Marilyn Pratt for sorting it out at the BPX club house.

Things I thought I heard (although I might be wrong) :-

  1. Galaxy has a long term roadmap to become a process abstraction layer for SAP – you change the process model and the deployed system changes…cool
  2. Initially the focus is “Edge” type Composition for processes outside the core SAP processes, the core maybe exposed later
  3. BPMN as a model language – so that both business and IT can understand
  4. Tool uses Eclipse so that developers and BPX, work together on the same model – no throwing the model over the wall
  5. CAF Guided Procedures will be replaced – but can be used today – Galaxy is still some way off (12 – 18 months)
  6. ccBPM will be replaced eventually once the process engine has been proved, but investment in BPEL models will be protected
  7. The tool is about modelling and operation of processes. There is still a space for Enterprise modelling tools which model conceptual processes / optimise processes and include other perspectives.
  8. Usage of the new rules engine (Yasu) will be key to reducing complexity
  9. Many lessons have been learned from tools like CAF and ccBPM, easy usage is key

And many moe things……..

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      Former Member
      The intention of providing a fully integrated "BPMS-like" toolset is long overdue in the SAP world. So far we have had a number of separately developed modelling, integration, composition and workflow tools that don't consistently fit together.

      Anything that fits together will be better.

      My only concern is the use and integration of other "3rd party" BPM tools in this direction. e.g. ARIS (which we have just spent money on) and Intallio, etc,.

      Your blog mentions existing BPMN / BPEL, and that this will be "preserved". But in practice how much of this is or will be true?

      Regards, Phil G.

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      Former Member
      A few questions focusing on interoperability with non-SAP landscapes:

      > Does anyone know more about the planned capabilities for modelling & running processes that extend beyond the SAP footprint?
      > Will the modelling layer allow re-use of (sub-)process models originally modelled and implemented in a non-SAP BPM platform (e.g. BEA's AL-BPM, Tibco's Staffware, Lombardi, ...), and through which mechanisms at modelling level, at operation level?
      Will it be able to pass tasks into other BPM engines and receive back task completion signals from there?
      > For the reverse: will Galaxy models and process implementations be accessible to non-SAP BPM platforms, both at modelling and implementation level? Through which mechanisms?
      Can Galaxy modelled sub-processes be triggered from a non-SAP BPM engine and pass any tasks (>human-centric BPM) it generates to the other BPM engine's worklist, and understand completions signals generated under that engine's control?
      > Can the "role model" information used for human-centric process models be sourced from anywhere, or does it have to be stored in SAP?
      > Which out-of-the-box features will Galaxy provide for standard operations in human-centric BPM (proactive/reactive delegation, out-of-office handling, escalation, approvals, changing in-flight processes, ...)?

      In general - would Galaxy raise BPM capabilities strongly enough to make SAP BPM a candidate for Enterprise-level process management in a mixed (SAP/non-SAP) landscape?

      Matthias Kramp