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New Ways to Depreciate Fixed Assets in ERP 6.0 (Part 1)

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  • Great posting Nathan - but as an accountant I need to know whether this new method complies to the latest GAAP? How would this apply to GASB Higher ed financial statements? Also in line with GASB rules?

    So does the new plans per the upgraded release follow new published rules?

    • Mr. Lombard

      One of the drivers of this change was to account for different accounting policies around the world.  Some examples are the accuonting for impairments here in the US as well as several country specific changes for Japan. 

      As far as the specifics of GASB requirements in the US...  I'm not sure.  Feel free to send me a detailed question if you want.


  • 1) When is the best time to activate this change?
    2) What must I do and check to avoid data inconsistencies?
    3) Apart from the depreciation calculation in FI-AA and bank statement
    display (FEBAN) what other functionalities will be affected?
    4) What other modules (CO, SD, MM etc) does it have an impact on?

    Kind Regards

    • 1. I would definitely approach that decision during the upgrade project.

      2. I'll answer that in a follow up blog.

      3. As far as I can tell SAP has not published a comprehensive document on any of the enterprise add-ons.  The contents of the add-on are addressed within the release notes of each module...  so you would have to scan all of the release notes to get a full understanding of it.  I've found a single page in the online documentation that references the broad areas that are affected but nothing specific (

      4. lots...  reference the link above.

  • Hello

    As a small contribution I would like to mention the new available BAdIs that replace former enhancements (AFAR0001-AFAR0004):



  • Hi Nathan,
    you have done a Good work. you have shared the valuable things by which all of us can enhance our knowledge on this topics. keep it up.
  • Hello Nathan,
    I read your article and its enlightening. However, i would like to know how we can deactivate this extension set once it has been activated. You have mentioned about deactivating in your blog but i have a done a lot of research in sap library and notes but nowhere i found a topic on deactivating EA-FIN. We are preparing to activate this extension set and i would like to know how to deactivate it just in case something unintentional happens. Thanks in advance.
  • HI Nathan,

    Thanks a lot. Just wondering, I have enabled the Financial Extension, but now the system doesn't allow me to dispose asset when the scrap value is equal to NBV like it used to...

    Any ideas? Thanks in advanced.

    Regards, Jiraiya    

  • Hello Nathan,

    You did an excellent job. Thanks for sharing your well written document and expecting mroe contributions from your end.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Lakshmi S