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New Busines meets the New IT

<p>If you weren’t here you missed one of the best conversations ever! Have a listen to the replay, no thought the the video as I was not able to get in there very well with video but audio should be fine I had 5 mics.</p><p>Here’s the unedited live chat:</p><p>[13:16:58] <monkchips> : not miuch action here<br />[13:17:12] <monkchips> : but we got goldiekatsu<br />[13:40:50] <ccmehil> : next session coming soon<br />[14:09:37] <ccmehil> : live streaming THE NEW BUSINESS MEETS THE NEW IT<br />[14:14:19] <ustreamer|9990> : What is streaming now?   RIch<br />[14:14:42] <ccmehil> : This is the “panel” turned roundtable with the whole group so not much to see but only to hear<br />[14:14:59] <ustreamer|9990> : Thought Thomas was going to get rid of the beard?<br />[14:15:59] <ccmehil> : he’s seeing how “Munich goes” he said<br />[14:25:46] <ustreamer|7634> : dennis and james seem to have less audio dropout – are they closer to the mic?<br />[14:27:01] <ustreamer|7634> : the girl speaking now drops out of audio …<br />[14:27:27] <ustreamer|7634> : aqualung here BTW …<br />[14:28:36] <ustreamer|2249> : hello aqualung!<br />[14:28:44] <ustreamer|7634> : g’day<br />[14:28:50] <ccmehil> : I have 4 mics there and everythng all up<br />[14:28:54] <ustreamer|2249> : fixing audio<br />[14:29:25] <ustreamer|7634> : OK – thomas cuts out now and then too – bit hard to follow (but still good!)<br />[14:31:05] <ccmehil> : ok that’s 5 mics and I have no others unless I drag the podium over :-(<br />[14:31:28] <ustreamer|7634> : thanks craig <br />[14:33:02] <fkoehn> : Craig, are you also recording this on your cam<br />[14:34:43] <ccmehil> : yep this is recording but not local to ustream <br />[14:35:08] <fkoehn> : excellent – would be nice to be able to listen to this without the dropouts<br />[14:35:23] <yellowpark> : ditto<br />[14:35:45] <ustreamer|7634> : oh good – it’s not just me!<br />[14:36:10] <ustreamer|7634> : let dennis loose on oracle …<br />[14:38:45] <fkoehn> : yeah, somebody discuss the way orcl handles bloggers <(<br />[14:39:28] <ustreamer|7634> : cote drops out and sounds like he’s too far way from mic?<br />[14:40:44] <ccmehil> : sorry gys I’ll see what more we can do<br />[14:41:54] <ustreamer|7634> : hey craig – don’t stress! this is still better than the alternative … <br />[14:43:38] <ccmehil> : just boosted it more but the audio guys say anymore and we’ll get feedback from the speakers and such<br />[14:44:15] <ustreamer|7320> : It’s not PR it’s about joining the conversation<br />[14:44:42] <fkoehn> : audio completely gone now<br />[14:44:54] <yellowpark> : its a bit better for me<br />[14:45:14] <ustreamer|7320> : Ok for me aprt from net drop outs<br />[14:46:11] <portenkirchner> : better for me<br />[14:46:25] <portenkirchner> : and no dropouts anymore it seems<br />[14:46:33] <yellowpark> : same here<br />[14:46:47] <ustreamer|7634> : that’s just because James is talking!<br />[14:47:26] <ustreamer|7634> : thomas is better when he leans toward the mic …<br />[14:49:01] <yellowpark> : apart from the cia making edits<br />[14:50:38] <ustreamer|7320> : Don’t forget Mini Microsoft was actually good for them<br />[14:52:22] <ustreamer|7634> : thanks to all (before they all finish up)<br />[14:53:29] <ustreamer|7634> : that’s the “via:” economy …<br />[14:54:04] <ustreamer|7634> : applause here too<br />[14:54:09] <ustreamer|7320> : is ‘via’ the same as ‘the because effect'<br />[14:54:28] <ustreamer|7634> : the ‘via:’ tag on delicious</p><p> </p><p> </p>

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