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I aplogize for the crass marketing blitz; I’m usually more reserved.

But please come to my Tech Ed session on Community Day!! It would be nice to at least have one or two people there, so I’m not talking to myself. (That would be weird).

I have a session on some of the more significant new portal features:

  • Portal Spider: Enables portal content — meaning iViews, pages, worksets and roles — to be indexed by external Web crawlers, as well as by KM (if installed).
  • Navigation Zoom: Enables users to get rid of all the top-level navigation that they almost never use.
  • Activity Data Collector: The successor to the Portal Activity Report, enables more detailed activity reporting, and lets you access the raw data so you can build whatever reports you want.

Collaboration Portal

I only have about 30-40 minutes to talk about these new features, and to take questions, so there might not be time left.

But if time permits, I can give a brief introduction to the new collaboration features of the portal, which are all the rage now. Since I don’t want to overlap too much with the official session during the week, I can speak a little about the APIs that will be provided on top of the “collaboration portal”. 

When and Where

My session is on Community Day in Munich, this Tuesday (October 16) at 3:50 in room 2.

The session is somewhat flexible, so I can tailor it to whoever comes, spending more time on Portal Spider or the Collaboration Portal, if that’s what you want. 

Come and ask plenty of questions. Plenty of free chocolate and free SAP giveaway for the best questions.


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  1. Former Member
    Hi Daniel, a TechEd session on Community Day, I would like to be there, definitivly. I was in Community Day in Vegas and it was amazing. I’m not going to Munich, maybe you could record your session, we have excellent videos from Community Day in Vegas, it’s great to people not being phisically there. By other hand, I frecuently read your excellent blogs, thanks for your contribution, SAP Enterprise Portal is in my top topics of interest.
      1. Daniel Wroblewski Post author
        Hi Bharathwaj,

        At present, I don’t plan to be there…but if you think there would be interest, let me know and I can pass that along to the “powers that be” at SAP.

        Thanks for your comments.


    1. Daniel Wroblewski Post author
      Hi Ulf,

      The available user properties are documented in UME. There is a topic at that describes some user properties, but I am not sure this is the definitive list.

      I have a request into the information developer of UME to get the definitive list, and I will post it this week when I get it.

      I should have included a link to this documentation from my documentation.



  2. Former Member
    Can you do a blog on what’s new in these support packs?  I really liked the ones you did on SP13 & SP12…great summary info!  Please do more…already putting nav zoom & quick links to work in prod…
    1. Daniel Wroblewski Post author
      Hi Butch,

      Thank you for your comment. I am no longer writing about the portal as I have moved to the SAP Business One group. But I am told that there are plans to write up the changes in the upcoming SPs in several blogs.

      Stay tuned.


  3. Christian Micus
    Hi Daniel,

    in your session the portal spider was a topic.
    Last year I unfortunately was not attending the Tech Ed, but now I want to know more about this technology (especially using the spider from/with KM). The only resource I found for this topic is one page in SAP Help ( and three SAP Notes. The most of the mentioned help page doesn’t work with our (up-to-date) test systems, so are there any additional informations, resources or something else?

    I hope you are still up to date with this subject, although you are now a business one guy 😉



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