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BW 3.5 URL Command Sequence Tips and Tricks


In BW 3.5 we form command sequence (more than one command) to alter multiple items of a query. E.g. drill down, collapse, resetting data providers, resetting web items, etc. This command sequence can be fired in Web application Designer in JavaScript environment. BW interprets this URL command sequence and alters data and sends back fresh HTML to client browser. I faced a lot of challenges firing multiple commands through URL. This blog details you the combination of different commands and some syntax.

Command sequence Tips and Tricks:

1. Only the first command can have & , = characters within command.
E.G. the first command could look like this: CMD=RESET_ITEM&ITEM=TABLE_1&ITEM_CLASS=CL_RSR_WWW_ITEM_GRID
Note that name of the command is “RESET_ITEM” followed by couple of parameters (ITEM & ITEM_CLASS).


2. All subsequent command must have escape sequence as follows:
%26 for &
%3D for =

The second command could look like this:
(This command can be used to remove drill down from characteristic “Char1”.)

Note: Watch the use of %26CMD%3DCollapse in above command (VERY IMPORTANT):
In case of long command sequences and for drill down and collapse command you need to explicitly mention %26CMD%3D before the command though you have &CMD_1.
If you do not mention %26CMD%3D, these commands do not execute.

3. While using Data provider commands such as filter, drilldown, remove drilldown, exchange, do not forget to mention parameter DATA_PROVIDER.

4. Use of filter command:
We do not need to explicitly mention any command for filter. It goes like this:

You can attach multiple filter values by adding count as FILTER_IOBJNM_2, FILTER_IOBJNM_3 and so on. Correspondingly change the counts for values as FILTER_VALUE_2, FILTER_VALUE_3 and so on.

Note the use of FILTER_COLLAPSE parameter:

If “FILTER_COLLAPSE=“is not mentioned, then this filtering command removes filtered characteristics by default.
The counter for commands in command sequence need not be in perfect sequence. Sometimes depending on loop counter it can have breaks.
e.g. CMD_1, CMD_2, CMD_3, CMD_5, CMD_9 etc.


5. Use of PERSONALIZE command


Prerequisites for PERSONALIZE command to work:
a. Check template level parameter (User Personalized template if available)
b. Enable BW server to user personalization –IMG Configuration – IMG => SAP NetWeaver => Business Intelligence => Setting for Reporting and Analysis=> General settings for reporting & analysis=> Activate Personalization in BEx

Check Web Report Personalization and save.
Note: If you do not activate personalization in IMG, BW server simply rejects all URLs having command PERSONALIZE resulting blank HTML. You will see the web template disappearing as soon as command is fired due to blank HTML response.


Lastly, here’s how you can fire your command sequence in JavaScript:

SAPBWOpenURL(SAP_BW_URL_Get() + “append your sequence here”);            


Rest of the help should be useful at this link.

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      Former Member
      Great blog....very helpful!!!:)

      Got a query: I m developing a portal based application, which access data from backenend R/3 system,
      when  i login to poratl i can see my application , and there is a button which triggers BI query to R/3.. when i click it asks me username and pwd of R/3... how do i avoid i already logged in to poratl once...

      I tried CMD='PERSONALIZE'.. not working:(

      Help me ,

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      look into installing/configuring single sign on (SSO)
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      Thats right..You need to configure SSO...
      Also one clarification...
      CMD=PERSONALIZE will create a bookmark in BW backend for the specific web application (template) in which it is used...It will also save the navigation state of the web application including drill downs, filters on a query.
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Thanks a lot..!!

      Note i already done SSO, and created a test role in portal to test it , its working fine...

      where am i goin wrong:(

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      you can add parameters to the command line URL which force a user ID and password.  Check the developer guide for the right syntax.  it should be helpful with troubleshooting...