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SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1: What’s new in CAF?

The Composite Application Framework (CAF) is the tool for modelling and implementing services and business objects. CAF 7.0 is part of SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s) and CAF 7.1 is part of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1. Now, what’s new in CAF 7.1 compared to CAF 7.0?

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Reuse functionality

In CAF 7.0 it wasn’t possible to model dependencies between business objects crossing composite application borders. Therefore it was not feasible to reuse types and services from different applications. Additional code was needed.
CAF 7.1 overcomes this restriction: developers can reuse types and services from different composite applications.



Merge tool

CAF 7.0 didn’t provide a merge tool. So it was nearly impossible to join parts of composite applications into one application. CAF 7.1 offers this feature and makes team development efficiently. The merge tools offers some functionality: positive and negative deltas, allows to re-order the deltas and even deltas of attribute properties can be found.


Mapping Functions

CAF 7.1 allows to map application service operations to external services. An automatic mapping function is provided.


Improvements of data type definition

Within CAF 7.0, new data types had to be defined in dictionnary perspective. This deviation is no longer needed. new simple types can created directly in composite application perspective (in CE 7.1). Java, XSD and Dict.Aspect are supported. Types from Web Services may be re-used because there are exposed in the same way.

data type definition


Usability improvements

Rename, copy, paste and reordering functions are now available in parameter list of business objects.



Service Browser offers higher granularity for showing the project hierarchy, including extended information and filtering feature.



EJB 3.0

With CAF 7.1, all types of CAF services are based completely on EJB 3.0. Less generated code with more efficiency. Predefined interceptors for security, logging, tracing and eventing. No longer “custom code” sections.





Enhanced functionality that allows the consumption of a wider variety of Web Services. CAF uses standard way for destination configuration with the help of the SAP NetWeaver Administrator.

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