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BOF Session in Munich: Exploratory testing or ways to improve your manual testing skills…


During my BOF session in Melbourne (read more about it SDN Community Day in Melbourne) I asked the question how many of the participants had done a course in software testing. Only two people raised their hands but everybody was responsible for performing some kind of testing. Based on my personal experiences I had expected such a result. However, it is kinda strange that a lot of developers are being send to training courses in order to learn new technologies but they do not get the training to improve  vital skills which they use everyday. Especially with an activity like testing which generates a lot of business value very quickly. Just imagine how much a software company can save if they find crucial bugs before the software goes into production.


Wrong WAY!



The main goal for me is to motivate people to look at ways how they might be able to improve their testing skills on a day to day basis. Lets discuss what skills are important and how you can measure and improve them.

Intended Audience

So far I have seen a lot of different roles in teams which are performing testing tasks besides traditional QA: developers who write code, consultants who customize systems, power users,… This session is aimed at everybody who is doing testing of some sort.


The focus will be on three things:

  1. Get an understanding for what you are actually doing and how you can improve it.
  2. Look at some ideas which might help in that matter. I will present one: Exploratory Testing.
  3. Give some information regarding things which can support your learning: literature, article, blogs,…

As the type of the session already suggests this is really a Birds of a Feather session. Please do not expect to hear anything about concrete testing techniques. Of course, I would be more than happy to have more concrete discussions later on.  By the way I am really happy to see that Tobis Trapp also offers a very interesting session in the testing area as well. Furthermore Morten Wittrock will talk about Munich BOF session: XI unit testing with Detroubulator 1.1. So this community day both areas manual and automatic testing are covered, great!

Wrong WAY!
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