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Las Vegas and my favorite session…

Thinking more about my SAP TechEd Las Vegas review, which to date is simply a large collection of blogs from other people and myself during TechEd I started to think about what my personal favorite was. My highlight event or sub event if you will during the week.  target=”_blank” For me it had to be the “Las Vegas Adobe and SDN RIA Hacker Night update!“, not because I organized it or anything but because that for me is what TechEd and the Community is all about. This year is full circle for me, my first SAP TechEd event was 2004 and it was in Munich at that event I was just a community member and I had the chance to walk on stage with Shai Agassi and be recognized. In fact I of course blogged that whole experience and you can read about it here.

I even managed to help a couple of people out while I was there with questions they had…no points but fun anyways image Brian even told me that I was alot shorter than he thought, which I thought was rather funny since he is rather tall. To be honest we had lots of fun, including one incident where DJ rightfully bowed down to one of the, how did he put it? “Masters of SDN” Gregor.

The highlight for me though during that event was when DJ and Piers busted out a small shuttle PC and began to install the Java system right then and there. A crowd gathered around and everyone had a blast. Since then we’ve tried to formalize that a bit with sessions and things in the Clubhouse but nothing will beat the simple crowding around a table and someone’s laptop screen – that for me is the true nature of the Clubhouse and the Hacker Night in Vegas brought that back to an amazing new level. It was a geek show and tell and we had a blast!  From Flex to Wii to Silverlight to building a ABAP Twitter client it was there and amazing! RIA Hacker Night – Munich! I hope will prove to be as much fun!

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