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Zip-Transfer-Unzip: Increase the performance of your Java-ABAP applications

Why compress ? 

Often we need to transfer heavy files between Java and ABAP applications. This is a very common case when we have Frontend WebDynPro Java application and backend is ABAP (RFCs). Most types of computer files are fairly redundant — they have the same information listed over and over again.

For example in the following XML:


Here the words “AddressBook”, “Contact”, “Name” and “PhoneNumber” are repeated many number of times. File-compression (ex. ZIP) code can help us to remove this redundancy.

How to do this in Java and ABAP?

I faced a similar issue in my application where there was a need to pass a heavy XML Strings as import parameter of an RFC function module. Another RFC FM returned a heavy XML String as an export parameter. Various compression APIs are available for Java and ABAP language. I worked with the classes in “” (Java side) and cl_abap_gzip (ABAP side). The zipped string from java side was passed and accepted as byte[] and at ABAP side it is of XSTRING data type.

Lets say we wish to transfer heavy XML String ABC from Java to ABAP, we can use the following methods:

Zip method for Java:

Unzip method in ABAP:


Zip method in ABAP:

Unzip method in Java:

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      Author's profile photo Guillaume GARCIA
      Guillaume GARCIA

      Useful blog !

      Did you achieve to determine according to both data size, data compression factor (if it is XML, binary, ...), and bandwith, what is the actual point from which using this mecanism represents a real benefit ?

      Indeed, using ZIP comes at a price, it would be very interesting to know when you can expect payback !  😉

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hello Guillaume, Harsh,

      Thanks a lot for your comments. Here are some performance stats (ABAP to java transfer) which i took for different XML strings of different sizes (in KBs) and with different number of tags (open and closed tags are counted as once).

      Size(KB) Tags   Time(ms) New Time(ms)
      2326     516345     135057     8122                              
      16     966     2163     1722                              
      10     200     1011     772                              
      26     1672     2174     991                              
      18     720     1622     811                              
      23     1296     1823     791                              
      1     16     421     451                              
      9     168     1001     440                              
      9     92     972     441                              
      2     27     791     771                              
      35     896     2724     1352                              
      2     30     420     411                              
      3     50     421     421                              
      3     56     921     400                              
      8     170     981     420                              
      2     24     441     431                              
      1     0     410     421                              
      2     24     411     390                              
      4     64     781     421                              
      I observed that more the meta deta (tags), more improvement in performance.

      @Harsh -For other file types also it depends on the redundency of the data. For example having not many colors in an image file #000000 will be best to compress :).

      Author's profile photo Harsh Chawla
      Harsh Chawla
      Hi Aayush,

        Good to see you here! 🙂

        As Guillaume put it, are there any size guidelines for the payload?
      i.e. at what size of the payload, does the zip/unzip processing give better returns than transferring the payload directly?

      Also, I assume the guidelines would be payload format(txt,csv,xml,doc,pdf etc) dependent?

      Looking forward to many more interesting posts from you!


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Aayush,

      To me it also appears that this approach will also bring performance improvements incase of ABAP-ABAP or JAVA-JAVA communication.

      Best Regards,

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Interesting blog!

      I am writing a separate Java program and using JCo to call RFMs from an SAP system. Is there any way to get the zip-transfer-unzip to happen automatically in JCo?


      Author's profile photo Thomas Jung
      Thomas Jung
      This is interesting.  There is some automatic compression within the RFC library, but I believe the parameter has to be larger than 8kb in order to trigger the compression to happen.  However there is the parameter WAN_CONN that can be used to trigger compression much sooner (after only 250 bytes).

      I wonder what would happen with your test results if you activated the WAN_CONN flag?