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h1. Why a Spinner?  Last, we have to map the data. The mapping between the input form to signal2 is simply Counter <- #id[XXXXXX]@Counter+1 the event will be go.

The mapping between the don’t show me form and the signal is:

Counter <- @Counter+1 Action1 <- 1 Action2 <- nval(if(@Action1==1,1,0)) Action3 <- nval(if(@Action2==1,1,0)) the event will be next with condition that counter is smaller than 4. What happens is that counter 1 keeps firing event and we use them to trigger action1 to 3.  !://|height=1|alt=Spinner3|width=1|src=://|border=0!Spinner3

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  1. Former Member
    It’s very nice…But could you upload some pictures??? I have never used VC…So it’s kind of hard for me to realize the real value of your blog -:)



  2. Former Member
    Hi Shay, i was unable to implement the second – concat actions- example though followed same steps. I am using SPS12. Can you please send me the GML file for this test model you showed in the screen shot?

    Thanks in advance,
    Swapnil Kulkarni

      1. Former Member
        Thanks a lot Shay.
        I did a mistake in assigning counter values. Now its working fine. Thanks for such a nice exploration. Its very useful.

        Best Regards,


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