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Something new for everyone here…

I get a flooded and overflowing inbox each and everyday and often times the “FYI” mails tend to get throw off to the side to read later and later of course never really comes. Today for some reason, most likely because I was procrastinating on all the blog writing I have to do I decided to browse through that heap of “FYI”‘s and I came across this one.

I’m not normally one for survey’s and such but I am a huge fan of giving my opinion and I think everyone else should as well.


Enterprise SOA is SAP’s key strategy to move enterprise IT to higher levels of adaptability. There are lots of SAP web pages out there that provide you with well-structured, meaningful content on the topic of enterprise SOA. However, just like many roads lead to Rome there are many paths to many levels of information. For example, finding information on the benefits enterprise SOA brings to my industry. In particular, it would be great to learn how enterprise SOA helps me build a Business Process Platform for my business with just a few mouseclicks. If you’ve travelled that road before, you surely have the one or other piece of advice SAP could use to improve its Web navigation.

On that note, I’d like to take this opportunity to ask for your feedback on a prototype we built at SAP for seamless Web navigation on enterprise SOA assets for the Retail industry. From the homepage, you can now browse through pages featuring industry innovation by a Business Process Platform and further to industry-specific customer cases, BPX community pages, solution maps and enterprise service bundles. In the end, you will be able to find information on industry-specific enterprise services from SAP’s homepage with just 4-5 mouse clicks.

Check out the link for more info and (it says Las Vegas where they were but also Munich) – what I learned in Vegas was way cool!

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