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Service Desk: Support team determination in Solution Manager 7.0

With the following customizing you will determine automatically the support team for a support desk message:

  • Based on the SAP component of the message
  • Via other aspects

For the support team determination option in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 see wiki page Incident Management: Support team determination in Solution Manager 7.1.

Support team determination via SAP component

This is an update to the SAP Marketplace Note 616946.

Valid for Solution Manager 7.0, screens taken from a Solution Manager 7.0 stack 9.

Step 1. Create your own organizational data for the Support Desk model of your company from transaction ppoma_crm.

For example you can create a Support Desk organization model that consists of a first level support divided into a BC team, FI team and a team for the rest of the SAP components. Also you could include a second level for specific SAP components.


How to create an organization unit:

1. From transaction ppoma_crm –>Goto –>Switch view to Genaral Attributes (BBP)


2. In change mode select create organization structure



3. Change the name and code and save


For the moment there is not Business Partner assigned to this new organization unit but call again /nppoma_crm and you will see a BP number assigned:


In transaction bp you can see this created business partner:


Note: it is very important that you get this Business partner number in order to continue with the customizing.

If this not the case, check the following:

  • Activate HR Integration: check that table T77S0, in transaction sm30, shows these entries:


  • SAP notes and apply them in case it apply:

997009 PPOME: Search help for business partners (valid to SAPKB70010)

1008656 Error message 5A XXX when you assign position (valid to SAPKB70010)

  • In SPRO check the information in points:

Create a Root Unit for Your Organizational Structure

Create Organizational Objects in the Organizational Structure

4. Select Position and create it

5. Assign Employees to this new position

Step2. Description of customizing for automatically assigned to the first level support of all incoming messages for processing, depending on the SAP component.

The Support Team is defined using determination rule CRM_DNO_1 (technical name AC 13200137).

This rule is triggered by an action, that is processed when a Service Desk message is saved. The rule bases the determination on responsibilities. The assignment can be done, for example, using the SAP component.

Service Desk message–> transaction type SLFN–>Action profile SLFN0001_ADVANCED–>SLFN0001_ADVANCED_FIND_PARTNER action definition –> method CRM_DNO_PARTNER_1–> Display





Call transaction Maintain Rule PFAC, choose determination rule CRM_DNO_1 from the input help (technical name AC 13200137), maintain the rule. In the ‘Responsibilities’ tab, create a new responsibility using the corresponding button.




Create Responsibility: select SAP component and Priority



You can still find the first level support for all messages with components not equal to BC* and FI* creating a third responsibility with priority 01.

The first level responsibility covers the SAP components entire namespace (A-Z), however it is dealt with as secondary because of lower priority.


To determine the support team, you must define corresponding organizational units and assign business partners in the organizational model, use “Insert agent assignment” button:


Use the “Simulate rule resolution” button to ensure that a unique business partner is determined.



The system carries out the determination if the support team field isnot filled when the service process is saved. To ensure that the system determines the support team in accordance with the rules defined above when the message is created, you still have to carry out a change in Customizing:

Call transaction SPRO –> Choose ‘SAP Reference IMG’ –> Customer Relationship Management –> Basic Functions –> Partner Processing –> Define Partner Determination Procedure.

Select the partner determination procedure “SLFN0001 Service Desk Partner Header” and choose “Partner Functions in Procedure” in the tree structure in the left-hand screen.


Select “SLFN0003 Support Team (CRM)” and ensure that the access sequence in the “Partner Determination” is empty.

Support team determination via other aspects

Also you can use the determination rule CRM_DNO_1 (technical name AC 13200137) to select the support team through the following aspects:


See also:

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Via access sequence for the support team determination based on your own defined rule, like the country of the key user for example, using an own access sequence and BAdI COM_PARTNER_BADI:

Note 812385: Partner determination using COM_PARTNER_BADI and access seq

Note 1041455 – Partner dependant actions are not executed (2)

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  • Great blog, thanks!!!

    When I do the simulate, its working correctly, but when I look at the service desk message, I have an error on the transaction data sub-tab 'Actions', it could not determine the partner.

    Any advice is appreciated, thanks!!!

      • Hi Dolores,

        I sent you an email with the screen shot where I have an issue with SAP Component. When I run it under PFAC t-code it says "no agent found" and I don't see the Support Team in the message either so please help me to solve this issue.

        Saqib Mukhtar

  • Hi,

    The information you have provided is very useful.

    The screen shots are not getting displayed. Could you please re post it, so that many folks in the SAP world would get benefited.


    • Hello Partha,
      I can see the screen shots connecting as Guess user, could you try again?
      Anyway I will send you the blog via e-mail.
      Best regards,
  • Dear Dolores,
    Your document is very useful. Only the Org BP is coming in all the messages as a Support team. I have created support teams under the org BP and defined them in Rule 13200137 in PFAC t-code. Can you please let me know how to rectify this?
  • Dear Dolores,

    I've two issues that would apreciate your help:
    1-After following all your blog steps the action  "SLFN0001_ADVANCED_FIND_PARTNER" is not being triggered automatically, and only after saving the message, the Support Team field get's filled. Do you have any suggestion of how to pass thru this issue?
    2- After performing all this blog configuration steps in both clients of my solution manager system, my production one loosed the "reported by" automatically filling option. I've double checked all my configurations, confirming both clients are equal. Do you have any idea of what might be happening?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hello, I am betting towards the action definition and profile conditions... like... it would be better to choose something like... "immediately processing" rather than "save after processing", it if makes sense and works... please "ok" me at B.R.s Cesar
  • Hi Dolores,

    Excellent blog and I am certain to visit this page again. Thanks.

    I have a query - though not exactly on the same topic. Would be very grateful if you can help me on this:

    Is it possible to configure Service Desk such that Transaction Type ZLFN gets triggered for Support Messages created from within Solution Manager (SOLAR01, 02, NOTIF_CREATE or from Test Workbench) while SLFN is still used by Support Messages coming from Satellite Systems.

    Warm regards,


  • Hello Dolores,

    Your topic helped me 100%, and I am grateful for this, now I shall try to understand why the mails are not getting out and see your blogs to find out.

    On the other hand, there is a slight disagreement between Bruyneel Guillaume and you about whether to place Prtnr Det/Acc Seq. or not:

    He says: "...Select the line starting with SLFN0001. Double Click on Partner Function in Procedure. Select the Partner Function "Support Team", and click Details.
    In the detail view only change the Partner Determination/access Sequence to the one we've just created. Save your entry..."

    whereas you say: "...Select 'SLFN0003 Support Team (CRM)' and ensure that the access sequence in the "Partner Determination" is empty..."

    His worked fine, your worked fine... but what is the difference I cannot see between comments on the same subject?

    I would appreciate your advice.

    Cesar Aranda @

  • Thanks to the Author of the Blog and it made our life simple and happy.

    It helped me a lot and i request to continue this kind of information helps us to learn better and perform.

    Thanks once again,

    Ramana Rao

  • I have tried to use these instructions to determine Employee Responsible (Processor)for Issues functionality in Solution Manager but I am getting the following error:

    Processing CRM_DNO_PARTNER_1 Is Started
    Incorrect parameter transfer ()
    Action could not be successfully executed

    I am passing Rule AC13200137 and PArtner Fct 0000014 (Employee Responsible) instead of SLFN0003 to the CRM_DNO_PARTNER_1 method.

    I have made appropriate adjustments to SLFI0001 profile as suggested.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.


    • Hello,
      My solman test system is now in EhP1 and still this is working correctly :-), so the answer is yes, you can use this information for Solution Manager EHP1.
      BR, Dolores
  • Hi,

    Team determination works quite well. We have some custom development, so we would like to define and add new component. Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Dolores,

    Indeed its a very useful blog....

    I have a very basic query which I foind connecting to your blog , I have a requirement where in I have to fill Employee responsible field in my Interaction record with an Employee assigned to a Service Org unit defined in my org model.

    I have defined my org data determination based on an activity reason and have been using various acess sequence for this but no luck all that is getting filled in the employee responsible field is the Org Id/BP number of the org unit.

    Request you to kindly help if any solution.



    • Hi AB,

      once your service team field is filed up with org,unit, then you should try assigning access for org.unit to this partner function"employee responsible", then it would give you all the employee assigned under that org..unit.

      but if your requirement is it should only determine based on position then you have to use badi in access sequence.

      hope it helps you reach solution.



      • Hi Gaurav,

        I have tried this too but when I was debugging the stabdard Badi COM_PARTNER_BADI i was wondering that the badi was getting only my root org unit ID thus when I was assigning acess sequence CH08 to my employee responsible partner function all I was getting a huge list of employee to my org model.

        In my service request transaction in web ui I can see the service org / unit being filled up with the correct value but when the partner determination happens it is only considering my sales org not my service org. I am badly stuck into this now and it has become a show stopper for us.



        • Hi AB,

          when you use access seq.CH08 please check below it there is source maintained, in your case it should be partner function"0000056" i.e service techinician group/support team/servcie organisation" . it should get you desired result.


          Gaurav Shah

          • Hi Gaurav,

            I was able to Resolve the issue with discussion with  you finally.

            I have still a small doubt The employee pertaining to the service team are getting picked up but the problem is I have a around 15 employees under a group but the system is picking all of  them I want system should propose me a pop up with a list of all the employees that have been determined and agent should be able to select the employee from the list porposed.



  • Hi All,

    Can any  one generously tell me if this solution also works for CRM service requeast transaction type , I have been breaking my head all over the forum to get an response for this...

    Please help me understand the setup of action profile the method and  the structure to call a rule as described in the document i can't see any structure that will call the rule as mentione here.