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Service Desk: Solution Database

Service Desk: Solution Database

When you get a support message in the Solution Manager Service Desk reporting an issue you could first need to look if this issue was already reported previously by other user, for that you would need to search in your internal Solution Database for problem solutions.

The solution database stores problems (so-called symptoms) and solutions with their definition data.

The solution database is delivered without symptoms and solutions. You can create the internal solution database with the functions Process Symptoms and Solutions (IS01).


This blog summarize how to customize a Solution Manager 7.0 system for using this internal solution database and how to search for solutions in the solution database and how to copy Support Message into solution database since SP12.

Customizing for Solution Manager 7.0 before SP12

In order to use the solution database you first need to perform the following steps:


1. Installation of TREX

It can be downloaded as follows: -> Downloads -> Support Packages and Patches -> SAP NetWeaver -> SAP NETWEAVER -> SAP NETWEAVER 2004S -> Entry by Component -> Search and Classif. (TREX) -> TREX 7.0 -> your OS


Get the installation guide in> Installations

2. Configure the TREX and the corresponding Software Agent Framework SAF which can be found in the IMG under CRM -> Enterprise Intelligence -> Software Agent Framework

See also note 954407.

3. Configure the solution database in the IMG under CRM-> Enterprise Intelligence-> Solution Database

Check this documentation:

Other interesting information can be found in:

Re: Configuring Solution Database

Customizing for Solution Manager 7.0 for SP12 and above

Support Package 12 delivers a function for transferring solutions to the solution database.

1. Installation of TREX like in section 1 before

2. Configure the steps which can be found in the IMG under SAP Solution Manager -> Configuration ->  Scenario-Specific settings -> Service Desk -> Solution Database

Note: As of SP 13 you will find a troubleshooting activity as well.

These point include the default customizing (minimum configuration) required for the use of the solution database for Service Desk scenario.

Check the detailed information given in the Performance Assistant of each point.

For an enhanced configuration, see:

  • IMG-> Customer Relationship Management-> Enterprise Intelligence-> Software Agent Framework
  • IMG-> Customer Relationship Management-> Enterprise Intelligence-> Solution Database
Search for solutions in the solution database

To search for a solution which has already been documented in your solution database:

1. Go to change mode

2. Choose Search SDB in the Solution Database tab

The system copies the support message short text automatically as search criteria.

3. Specify your search criteria and choose Continue

The system shows you the existing symptoms and solutions for your support message. You can copy these solutions into your support message.

Copy Support Message into Solution Database


  • You have made the settings required to set-up a solution database, in the IMG.
  • You may have specified which contents the system automatically copies from the support message into the solution in the solution database, in the BADI BADI_AISDK_LINK_TO_SDB. By default, the system copies the message description.
  • You are in a message, in change mode:

1. Enter the solution

2. Choose the action “Create Solution in Solution Database”

3. Save your changes

The system automatically copies the following support message details into the solution database:

  • Description (short text)
  • Further details according to your settings in the BADI BADI_AISDK_LINK_TO_SDB

4. To put attachments and notes into the solution, select them in the Attachments and Notes tabs

5. Enter the required data

6. Copy some or all message texts with Insert Message Texts

The system only shows the texts for whose text type you are authorized in authorization object CRM_TXT_ID, see note 834534 for details.

When you copy a problem or solution into the solution database for the first time, you can specify, user-specifically, which text types the system suggests by default, for copying message texts, e.g. the support message answer, selecting the Settings button.


7. Save your changes

You can process the problem solution further, in the solution database.

Further information can be found in:

– SAP note 1022680: SAP Solution Manager: Create SDB entry from Service Desk

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      This is a very useful blog which gives a detailed step by step process of configuring the solution database.

      Sudhan Shan

      Author's profile photo Kamal Ganda Arora
      Kamal Ganda Arora

      The blog is indeed great.. Gives step by step details nevertheless the SAP Note number for creation of SDB entry via service desk doesn't exist.

      Could i have the correct SAP Note number

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      This info was very valuable in my fault  finding is it possible for me to have the correct note as this note is not active 1022680



      Author's profile photo Dolores Correa
      Dolores Correa
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Gerhard,
      Note 1022680 is currently in process status, this is the reason why you can not see it, as soon as the note procesor finishes the review the note will be available again.
      Best regards,
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Dolores,
      A very informative article. I have configured everthing according to this article. Now if I want to search for the Problem and Solution in my own solution database it is neither searching the same . also I am not able to save the problem and solution in " Add to cart". what could be the reason for this ?
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      This is a very good blog.

      Could you help providing the tcode?

      Thanks a lot!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      This is great!
      It will be very helpful if the t-code is given
      to each screen.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Its really very helpful document for all......great job done ..............
      Can i install TREX on same server i.e solman. what are post configuration for TREX so that we can use it for solution database.
      Please mail me any TREX configuration document (Installation,post installation and integration wd solman) for solution database in solution manager sp 15 (HP-UX,Oracle,SP 15)

      mail id: gyan4onlyu


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for the interesting blog.

      Do we have to have TREX installed before we can search in the Solution Database? I've heard that even without TREX we should be able to perform some basic search but not the full text search.


      Author's profile photo Christer Matsson
      Christer Matsson
      We have read this thred regarding indexing the SDB, but we would like to index the documents that is stored in the projects. Is that possible? If so, how?