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Hi, I wish to use this blog to raise some performance issues that you, our customers, may face during your work with the portal.

My plan is to start with the basics and continue to common issues that may be pain points, emphasizing on analysis of end user scenarios. Some of you may read my posts and say “oh, that’s trivial”, but others may be amazed by the effect it has on your server’s performance. I hope, in time, it will be beneficial to you and you will use this to both optimize your system as well as to understand the “behind the scenes” of the different components.

To make it work better for you I will appreciate your involvement. So, share your knowledge, ask questions, comment and suggest new topics. After all, I’m doing it for you so let me know if it helps you or should I change direction. Please…

One last comment – performance is usually a compromise, trying to get the right balance between several different options. There are many variants and the most important is your user’s scenario, there is no “one size fits all”, so take it under consideration. Read, learn and tune but always remember – there is no replacement for a good common sense!

So, off we go!

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  • Hi Yoni,
    The blog on log is very impressive. Waiting for more. Here are some topics which migh be interesting:
    1. Cache usage tips (PCD, Prt, Navigation, etc)
    2. Performance impact of Deltalinks
    3. Network/browser tuning tips
    4. Othorization vs. performance
  • Hi Yoni,

    I have experienced many problems with the performance of Web Dynpro based applications (For ex ESS/MSS Business package apps).

    Is there anyway to find out Benchmark for the performance of Web Dynpro apps ?

    Is there any way to tune such apps to improve the peroformance ?

    Anyone who has experienced it and resolved it in past, can you please share your ideas here ?

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Hi Jigesh,

      WebDynpro is not my domain but I will try to collect useful info and publish it.

      Do you mean app configuration tuning or development tips for improving performance?