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Configuration Wizard of SAP NetWeaver: Request for Input

Configuration Wizard

The configuration wizard (formerly known as “Central Technical Configuration (CTC) – Template Installer” tool) is a central, uniform and simple configuration tool that accelerates the technical configuration process and makes it less error-prone. In my former New Version of Configuration Wizard with SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SPS 13, I showed you how the new version of this useful tool looks like. In this weblog, I want to ask you to provide feedback concerning this tool and the functions it provides by adding a comment to this weblog. For example, you could just tell us what you think about the tool and if it helped you in setting up a system. Maybe you already experienced the new version of the configuration wizard provided with SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Support Package Stack 12 and 13 and want to tell us how you liked it. But also if you used an older version of the configuration wizard, any feedback would be more than welcome.

In addition, maybe you have further ideas for configuration tasks we should offer with this tool. Perhaps you have to set up new systems quite often and there is this one configuration task that you always have to perform after the installation and that you would love to see automated. So, this is your chance to influence this little helper that can make implementation so much easier…

Configuration Wizard
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  • I used the template installer for BI Integration to Portal, very smooth and the template take care most of the configuration automatically. Java & ABAP integration is well taken care.
  • We also used BI JAVA template installer for configuring BI JAVA and it worked great!! It would have taken us atleast couple of days for doing this configuration, template installer did it within 5 minutes. Thanks to development team and Roland Kramer for bringing this to every one's attention.

    It will be good if there are more tools available similar to this. One example is setting up SSO between AS JAVA and AS ABAP or 2 AS JAVA system etc.