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Blag on TechEd (Las Vegas) – TechEd Day 3

Yesterday, was my day off…I mainly finished the translattion of my SDN Blogs into Spanish for my personal weblog El Blog Tecnológico de Blag and also, I spend most of my time on the Community Clubhouse and my room packing my goodies.

So this is going to be a short blog…I didn’t attend any sessions or press conferences…So not much to say -:)

Craig runned a quiz…a geek quiz…with questions covering ABAP, SDN, BPX, Java and General Development.


Gali was in charge of give the prizes.


And guess who was the lucky winner? I can give you a hint…It starts with a B and end with a g, if your answer was Blag then you’re right…I won! -:P


My prize was a really nice SDN/BPX Rubick like key chain -:)

This leads me to a recommendation to SDN/BPX…

Next year, don’t put me in any more contests…Give others the chance to win too! -;)

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    • Edwin! Thanks a lot for comment! I was looking forward to meet you...So I'm sorry I couldn't -:(

      And for the visual blogs...You know...It's my job -;)



  • Blag,
    I think you single handedly rocked TechED Vegas. Will miss your presence in Bangalore 🙂

    Congrats on the Wii, knowing that you are a console freak yourself I know how much happy that would have made you 🙂

    And buddy thanks for all the pics, I downloaded all of them from amd viewed them.

    Thanks also to Marilyn, Craig, Thomas, Mark and everyone else who put up their photos on the TechED photo pool on Flickr.

    Just hoping that I get to be there too next year 🙂


    • Abesh! Thanks for the comment buddy -:) I'm also sad because I really wanted to meet you -:) Hope next year, we can meet! -:D

      About the Wii...Hell yeah! I really love it -:)

      I'm glad that you could watch all the pictures -:D